Free PTCB Practice Tests: How They can Help You Become a Certified Pharmacy Technician


Becoming a Pharmacy Technician is a career path worth considering as it has promising opportunities. However, to become a certified Pharmacy Technician (PT), one must pass the challenging Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, which is administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

This exam comprehensively covers labeling, patient safety, sterile compounding, and quality assurance. Passing this exam is critical to your success as a PT, and taking PTCB practice tests can help you assess your readiness and increase your chances of acing the PTCB with flying colors.

Importance of Practice Tests for PTCB Exam

Practice tests are an invaluable tool that prepares a candidate in many different ways for any exam, including mental, physical, and emotional preparation. It’s often difficult to pass exams without proper preparation, therefore the significance of practice tests cannot be overstated.

The benefits they offer, including:

  • help you become familiar with the format of actual PTCE.
  • measure your current knowledge level in different exam domains.
  • teach you time management by practicing to help you manage your exam within the stipulated time.
  • help you find your weaknesses. You can work on your weaknesses later. It will immensely help you in the exam.
  • reduce your exam phobia by building your confidence level.
  • reinforce your learning by repetition.

To sum up, conscious and strategic efforts in practice tests will help you understand the exam and provide you with the true spirit of the real thing.

There are many schools which take PTCB practice tests, and free PTCB practice tests are available online, allowing students the opportunity to practice at any time. However, the exam itself is expensive, and due to this, it is taken very seriously and a large ratio of students passed PTCB in their first attempt. (PTCB report)

Breaking Down the PTCB Exam Structure

To take the first step towards passing the PTCB exam, it’s crucial to become familiar with its structure. Understanding the exam structure also enables you to prepare for the exam in a more specific and efficient manner. The Pharmacy Technician Exam follows the structure outlined below:

Exam Length

This exam consists of 90 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and students are advised to complete their exam in two hours.


The score of the Pharmacy Technician exam scaled between 1000-1600, with a 1400 score required to pass the exam.


The content of the Pharmacy Technician Exam does not consist of a single subject. It contains four knowledge domains.


The primary role of a pharmaceutical technician is to deal with medicines, therefore a basic knowledge of medicines is paramount. This exam consists of 60% medications.

Federal Requirements

Pharmacies are drug stores, which can also contain some illegal drugs. Knowledge of federal rules or requirements for pharmacy technicians is vital. The percentage of federal requirements in the exam is 12.5%.

Patient Safety and Quality Assurance

A patient’s safety in the medical field is a priority. The understanding of medication quality assurance is an essential expectation for pharmacy technicians, as this is necessary for patient’s safety.

Order Entry and Processing

A pharmacy technician has to entertain a lot of orders single handedly. Thus, they should have enough knowledge to deal with order entry and processing. The knowledge of order entry and processing in PTCE is 21.25%.

Why are Pharmacy Math Skills Vital?

The PTCB test structure underwent revisions in 2020, with Pharmacy math now playing a significant role in PTCE. However, calculations based questions are not algebra based. You can expect calculations on:

  • Measurement Questions
  • Dilutions
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Dosing Calculations

Some students consider math difficult, but practice tests help you assess, improve your ability, and guide you becoming proficient in pharmaceutical math. Regular tests help you improve your calculation speed and accuracy.

Mastering the Top 200 Drugs

The role of a pharmacy technician involves dealing with medication, and 40% of the PTCB exam is dedicated to dealing with medication. Thus, a strong grasp on approximately 200 drugs is necessary. Mastering drugs include knowing following things:

  • Generic names and brands
  • Indication and use
  • Dosage forms and routes
  • Common side effects and interactions
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Important Precautions

PTCB practice tests students from many different angles. It ensures comprehensive learning, thus, it is crucial to master the top 200 drugs to pass the PTCB exam.

Strategies to Maximize Benefits of Practice Tests

Given the vast scope of work that pharmacy technicians are expected to cover, passing certification exams is of utmost importance. In order to achieve better success rates, it is recommended to adopt key strategies when preparing for practice tests. The following strategies can help maximize the benefits of taking practice tests:

Simulate Real test Conditions

For maximum benefit, treat practice tests like real exams by taking them all in one sitting. This builds your stamina and confidence.

Analyze Mistakes

Practice tests evaluate one’s understanding of different subjects. Review incorrectly answered questions, identify areas of weakness, and clarify related concepts.

Be Consistent

Testing sporadically won’t be effective. Consistency is key. Practice tests boost retention and condition you for real exams.

Leverage Different Resources

To expand your knowledge and diminish question biases, practice tests from diverse sources. It’ll offer added exposure and readiness from multiple angles.

Complement with Other Resources

Practice tests are one of the resources used for PTCB preparation. It can be complemented with other resources. The following are some other resources which will make huge difference on your preparation:

  • Top 200 drugs quiz
  • Pharmacy abbreviation quiz
  • Medical terminology flash cards
  • Audio study. it provides you on the go review
  • PTCB syllabus checking. It will help you find out the remaining areas of preparation. It will also help you in determining the timing required for preparation.

Keeping this altogether will provide you well-rounded preparation. This level of preparation will help you pass the exam in the first attempt.


Pharmacy technician presents a promising career opportunity. However, to become certified, one must successfully pass the PTCB exam. Practice tests serve as an integral part of PTCB preparation, providing invaluable real test experience that builds confidence and helps overcome test anxiety. It is crucial to have a well-planned study strategy complemented with useful resources for optimal results in PTCB tests. It is also essential to ensure that practice tests are sourced from verified and reputable sources.

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