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Security and encryption is getting ever more important in today’s time, being it SSL secured web sites, encryption of data or mail, secure logon to mention just a few. But security is expensive, right? Not anymore….

StartCom, the vendor and distributor of StartCom Linux OS, also operates MediaHost, a popular hosting company, which offered its clients, SSL secured web sites with certificates signed by StartCom for last few years.

Most of the web servers i.e. Apache and IIS are capable of running the 128 and 256-bit secured and encrypted SSL protocol. Most mail clients can encrypt and sign your electronic mail messages like zimbra Email Provider. All you need, in most cases, is a SSL certificate to make it work. StartCom can provide you with this certificate through a simple web based interface wizard and sign up process which is totally free of charge. With the help of the instructions, you can easily secure your web site within a few minutes.

Now you can easily get 1 year free SSL certificate for your website. STARTSSL company provides now free 1 year SSL certificate in which they are offering Class 1 Domain Validation SSL Certificate, Unlimited class 1 Email Validation S/MIME Certificate.

Why They are offering FREE SSL –

Because they believe in the right to protect and secure information between two entities without discrimination of race, origin and financial capabilities. Furthermore, every certificate from StartCom is insured up to US$ 10,000.

After signup through this link –
It will first install a basic certificate for your email validation.


They also have 3 more versions which is totally paid i.e. STARTSSL Identity Validation, STARTSSL Organization Validation and STARTSSL Extended Validation.


Pricing –

Startssl Identity Validation = Class 2 = US $59.90 – 2 Years
Startssl Organization Validation = Class 3 = US $119.80 – 3 Years
Startssl Extended Validation = Class 4 = US $199.90 – 2 Years

To Generate CSR(Certificate Signing Request) code, you can use this site –


In certificates Wizard, you can directly order free 1 year SSL Certificate for your domain too.


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