How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Your Business

The virtual phone system is the next big thing in the business industry. Organizations are rapidly shifting to the virtual numbers from the traditional landline numbers. The ease of use of the virtual numbers is the main reason behind this massive shift of the users.

Due to some limitations, these virtual numbers were not accessible to most of the businesses in the United Kingdom. However, now it is much easier to get a virtual phone number for your business.

Service providers like WeNumber have made it accessible to every organization operating in the United Kingdom. In this article, you can find all the steps you need to register your preferred business number.

What Is a Virtual Number?

Virtual phone numbers work on cloud communications technology. It means that you make and receive all the calls virtually, through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

These business phone numbers are designed to forward all your business calls and messages to the voicemail of your device. You can decide whether you want to receive the call or respond with an automatic reply.

You can utilize features like call routing and business hours to get a personalized experience with the virtual numbers. Try WeNumber to learn more about the virtual numbers and their cost.

Find a Virtual Number Service Provider

You need a cloud communication provider to help you register a virtual business number. These are the companies that provide the virtual phone system through their servers. However, choosing the right service provider is crucial to your business.

The voice quality and the features depend on your service provider. WeNumber Is one of the leading companies that deal with virtual phone numbers for businesses. They are the most trusted service provider due to their registration process and the additional support.

The registration process is much easier and takes a few minutes to complete. You can visit their website and click on “Join Now” to start your registration process.

Choose Your Virtual Number Type

They will ask you what type of business number you need. You can either choose a local number or a toll-free number to proceed.

Choosing a local number suits a business that deals in a specific location. However, the customers calling in the United Kingdom will be charged at the local rates instead of the additional charges.

On the other hand, a toll-free number allows you, customers, to call your support without incurring any charge. In this process, the organization bears all the costs to improve its customer experience.

Please note that number type can affect the cost of managing your calls virtually. Hence, it is recommended to through the charges of each business number type before registering one.

Choose the Seven Digit Business Number

Here is the bonus of getting your number registered through WeNumber. Unlike other platforms, WeNumber follows a unique process that lets you choose your virtual number. You can enter a seven-digit number and provide the business details to get it registered.

Some other forms require your details and need you to agree to their terms and conditions. After that, you can complete the registration process. Most of the time, your number will be instantly activated through their online portal.

However, you can utilize that time to read about the features that you get in your new virtual phone system. You can use WeNumber to get 0330 numbers and know their call charges. Check the features tab on the homepage of their website and learn more about them.

Verify the Device to Use Virtual Numbers

To provide you better security, WeNumber follows a procedure to verify your devices using your virtual numbers. Follow their guidelines and verify the devices where you want to login with your virtual number.

Remember that you can use the same number on multiple devices to provide customer support for your business. This process does not take much time and can be done through any device.

The best about device verification is that you do not need additional equipment to start using your virtual numbers. Your smartphone or laptop can be used to attend professional business calls.

Configure Your Business Number

You have completed the registration process for your new virtual phone system. The only thing left is to personalize your phone number as per your business requirements.

You can activate the features like call forwarding between your devices and automatic reply to attend your customers conveniently. You can check all the list of features on their official website along with the installation guide.

Leveraging the automatic reply can attend most of your customers without you handling the call. Additionally, you can decide how you want to receive the calls on your device.

There is a feature to receive the messages and calls on your voicemail for a quick reply. You can type the message or get back to them through a virtual call.


Customer service is a crucial part of business operations. Organizations follow different strategies to improve the customer experience with their business. The customer support department has always been the most influencing factor for the user experience.

Hence, it is necessary to use the right resources in your call center to keep your customer satisfied with your services. Getting a virtual phone system for your business is one of them. You can use this system to decrease the call waiting time of your customers and provide them better services.

Additionally, the exclusive automatic reply feature in virtual numbers can do wonders for a business. Check out exciting offers from WeNumber to get the right virtual number as 0330 for your business.

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