How A Good Link Profile Affects Your Website

Currently, a lot of debate is going on about the departments of SEO and marketing departments of different organizations whether large or small in the web world concerning linking your websites to other sites. Although linking is a common practice on the world web and is respected and expected by all users, people are still scared that it may cost them like in page ranking, affect their search engine ranking, users will drop off from their website, and it may harm their reputation. These claims are not justified hence unnecessary complain about website linking.

More so, those people who have a good liking profile tend to have visitors coming back to their sites more often and also linking out to good sites that your users appreciate cannot affect your site.

Below are the benefits of having a good link profile:

 – It encourages positive contribution and participation

There are various talented people on the web that can help to inhibit your growth or even make your efforts more successful. When linking out in an opportunity driven way that is consistent, you build motivation for online journalists, bloggers, forum participants, website developers, and social media sophisticates to engage with your website. Although the incentive is so small when you start, you are guaranteed more significant value with time.

Moreover, you cannot underestimate what the community might give you as a reward as it is because of them that there are various amazing brands off and on the web. Also, with a good link profile, you may be able to bring a compelling argument, especially clients who opposed your idea before.

 – Linking out incentivizes links in

When you link out, content creators and other websites will know that you are willing to participate in the linking web environment which is very healthy for your site. More so, websites that earn more links daily is as a result of them linking out to blogs, external websites and so on. Adam White from SEOJet says in the article The Simple 3 Step SEO Backlink Strategy That Works Like Magic that the key of a good link profile is to build links to many pages on your website, not just homepage. Although there are various SEO strategies and techniques on the Internet, a high content linked up with a natural backlink profile will help to attract more links.

 – A reward of behavior algorithm

Search engines likely reward the website behavior algorithmically to produce better results. It is beneficial if you link to resources and search engines that are favorable to your users. The use of linkscapes assists you to understand how much you have earned from the links and it may be of great help when determining the importance and purpose of the signal quality.

For instance, low-quality signal sites contribute at a higher ratio the share of junk links whereas the high-quality site’s links to more important websites.

Moreover, backlinks are Google’s reputation management tool that makes link building important. Google uses these algorithms to determine how reputable and popular your site is since they use the same data to guide the searchers on the best websites for their queries. It is because a good link profile websites mean that it can be trusted.

For instance, if you are comparing sites in the same niche same category, one with three backlinks and the other has 300 backlinks, which one will you trust? Most people will go for one with 300 backlinks because they seem to be trustworthy and credible; that is why they have many links.

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 – Makes your site to be a scalable resource

It does not matter how much you spend on building a great website; what is important is the content and layout of your site. No matter how great that website looks like it does not imply that it has everything or all the relevant details that your users will require. It is all about creating a scalable path to improve the site experience of all the visitors and also be more rewarding. Even, if you leverage the web power and your links power for a secure website, you can end up getting links through popular sites like Techmeme, Hacker news and so on.

Having a scalable resource helps to boost your credibility because Google uses the link in and outs to determine your reputation. For instance, a car manufacturer has a good link profile with link ins from the car news site and automotive blogs, you may think that they are more credible compared to the link-ins.

But the fact remains, if other websites in that industry are linking to their sites, then they can share something in common making your website a scalable resource.

 – Sends trackable traffic

If you link out to a great website of any niche, say medical, technology, or news and they realize that you have been visiting their sites often, the website tracking people will take note of your link and use the search engines to investigate more about your website. Maybe they are interested in some website tools or your SEO services that is why they need to understand more. You never know, your link may be necessary to them even if it is not immediate, but they may post and link to it soon.

This means that no matter how small or large your website is you are capable of attracting relevant, meaningful, and valuable eyeballs when linking out to other sites. It is also important to know that Google doesn’t have trust for a website that has no traffic so no matter where you link out, anyone that clicks on it helps to boost your referral ratings.

Below are the top 10 methods through which you can easily get good traffic:

  • Advertise your website in the appropriate category on
  • Submit your site to FFA (Free for All) sites
  • Exchange reciprocal links with other related websites
  • Start your own newsletter or Ezine
  • Target your website to low competition niches using long tail keywords
  • Add social bookmarking icons to your website or blog (use the sociable plugin for blogs)
  • Start a profile on social bookmarking sites such as
  • Participate in blog carnivals; this is very similar to submitting articles
  • Ping the blog directories and search engines.
  • Submit your RSS feed to other sites

From the above description, link building is essential for in SEO as it is the only way Google finds new pages, and use their algorithm in determining the best sites. A good link profile promotes your website’s reputation and credibility, and it will be a matter of time before your website gets used as a reference source. These will also help you earn more from the referral links and earn you more visitors if you use the right backlink strategy for your site.

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