Here Are 8 Simple Ways to Teach Preschoolers to Code

Currently, most people are shifting towards the tech space. Many have found their career path in tech-related niches, and being one of them is not far-fetched. Gone are the days when tech practices like coding and programming were seen as too complex. 

It has been believed that only those with great intellect can code or understand the tech space. Presently, people have learned coding without even going to college. With the available resources to us, many have taught themselves through online sources in just a short time. 

It even gets more interesting, one doesn’t have to be an adult to learn how to code. There are teenagers who have learned to code and are great at it. 

In this digital era, even preschoolers have begun their coding journey. Preschoolers can be taught coding the same way they are taught to read and learn math. This lays a foundation that helps them learn the basics of coding and think like a computer programmer.

Coding is basically giving a computer a set of instructions in a language that it understands.

These sets of instructions provided are for specific results. It can be to build a website, app, or game. With the right exposure and zeal, programming is pretty easy, and anyone can learn it. By anyone, I mean even preschoolers! 

They may not grasp it as quickly as adults, that is why you need to start teaching them in little and fun ways that they can understand.

1. Teach Them With Building Blocks

When it comes to teaching preschoolers, you need fun activities to keep their attention. With building blocks toys, you can teach them how to be creative and build something new. This tasks their mind and gets them to think. Building blocks are very colorful and attractive, this way, kids can be fascinated while creating their masterpieces.

When kids constantly build something with their building blocks toys, they develop the skills needed for coding. It trains their patience, persistence, and determination. Also, it helps them think logically, figuring out the right ways to place and balance the blocks is already a problem-solving skill.

2. Use Treasure Hunt

Typically, treasure hunts come with instructions and directions to find the treasure. It is a way to teach children about following patterns. By finding the treasure, kids practice computer programming skills that are very important for coding. 

They learn about algorithms, and how a set of instructions enables a computer to perform tasks. The treasure hunt doesn’t have to be complex since they are kids. Just put the treasures in different parts of the playground, it may be a room, garden, or any selected place. 

Draw a simple map that will guide them, and explain the instructions. Allow them to carry on their quest, and if they miss any step, let them start over. Letting them fix their mistakes in the game is similar to debugging in programming.

3. Preschool Coding Worksheets

There are coding worksheets for children in preschool. These worksheets contain basic concepts of coding with explanations. Also, there are answers provided within.

You can either purchase a preschool coding worksheet, or you can make one yourself. All you need to do is research and find simple ways of preparing one 

4. Puzzles Can Help Too

Puzzles are a great way to teach preschoolers coding. Puzzles are mind-tasking games that equip kids with problem-solving tactics. Kids will have to carefully examine each puzzle piece to decide where they fit. 

They will have to task their little minds if they want to complete the puzzle. Breaking big pictures into small pieces is an excellent way for kids to begin coding.

5. Play Games That Involve Math

Generally, games and activities that need mathematics and calculations are useful for coding. There are lots of “preschool level” number games that will help kids better understand numbers. 

It can be board games, or you can create games to this effect. Also, you can set up a mini maze game for them. By counting the grid spaces, kids will understand computer grids and how to give computer instructions.

6. Introduce Them to Basic Concepts

As you engage kids in games that build their coding skills, also introduce them to coding concepts. The preschool age is the formative age of a child’s brain, the child’s brain develops faster at this point. You should take advantage of this and connect your child to the basic concepts.

There are coding vocabularies that preschoolers can easily understand. Simplify the meaning in a way the child will understand. If you are the parent or tutor, you know the things that interest the child. Use those things as analogies to explain.

As stated in the treasure hunting game, when a child makes a mistake and you ask them to retrace their steps, explain to them that it’s debugging.

7. Research

When it comes to the issue of teaching kids how to code research. Knowledge on this is inexhaustible. There are tons of websites, apps, and games that have simplified coding for kids in unimaginable ways.

Also, there are new off-screen coding games for kids that keep springing up. There are toy robot kits and coding kits that are pretty engaging and appealing. But you won’t know about them if you don’t ask questions or surf the web.

8. Get an Expert 

Getting an expert teacher for your child is an indirect way of teaching them especially if you aren’t good with coding. An expert can prepare the right curriculum that is fit for a child. Since they are experienced, they must have understood how a child’s mind works.

Also, they’ll see to it that the child improves since they are being paid for the job. They have a reputation to uphold, and they wouldn’t want to ruin it. Nevertheless, before you hire anyone, make inquiries and ask questions. While there are true experts, some people are just only after the money.


Coding can be learned by anyone. Even preschoolers when taught right can learn the basics of coding. Engage them with tasking games and activities that will prepare them and their mind. Introduce them to calculations and math games. This will boost their thinking and logic. Also, do well to research and find new game apps and technology on coding for children.

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