How is a prepaid card different from a debit card?

Which bank card is suitable for online purchases and for payments in physical stores – this question is asked by many modern consumers who have learned about the convenience of cashless payments. In this vein, it should be understood: how a prepaid card differs from a debit card and why a Mastercard prepaid card is a profitable financial instrument.

Experts of the financial institution Weststein uk note that issuing a prepaid card takes a minimum amount of time, and also does not require a long collection of documentation. To learn how to get a free debit card, read our article.

Free prepaid card and debit card – what are the main differences?

Before you get a free prepaid debit card online, after registering on our website, you should understand that prepaid “plastic” is a more confidential and convenient device for online shopping. First, unlike debit, it is not linked to your main bank account, which makes it completely autonomous. Secondly, an online prepaid card is issued much faster, in fact, immediately after registration and data verification. In addition, ordering a prepaid card online is beneficial for those who wish to rationalize their spending. On such accounts there is no overdraft, that is, a credit part – the holder will never spend more than he planned.

How to order a Mastercard prepaid card?

Anyone can get a debit card online for free. To perform this simple manipulation, go to our website and click on the “Apply Now” link (apply now). Next, a form for providing personal information will be displayed – fill it out and go through authorization. After some time, our competent manager will contact you and advise on further actions.

Immediately after registration, the client has access to a personal account and account. The physical card will arrive at the address you left earlier in a few days. It remains only to activate it and get a PIN code.

It is possible to pay with such a card anywhere: in stores (online and offline), pharmacies, gas stations, hotels, cafes and restaurants, medical and educational institutions, banks, as well as make money transfers, pay for services and withdraw cash on favorable terms from ATMs.

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