How to Become an Indie Game Developer in 2022?

Indie games or independent video games are developed by small teams of game developers without financial support from recognized and certified game development agencies they own the studio themselves. Individual video game developers refer to the group of people who use their creative coding skills to create a game that can be played on computers, smartphones, Mac, and other screens.

The average salary of a video game developer in 2021 was $93,000 per year. The growing popularity and great career scope in the game development industry have left people wondering if they can become game developers. What are the requirements? And what qualifications do you need to start your journey in this industry?

Considering a Career in Indie Game Development? Here’s How to Get Started

Developing a video game from scratch using your coding skills wasn’t possible a few decades ago. Today, people have many tools and resources to learn game development. As easy as it sounds, getting started in this industry can get pretty overwhelming for beginners. Where do you start? Should you work under a professional game developer to learn the tricks? Or, do you need to start with qualifications? In this post, we will walk you through the steps to becoming an indie game developer in 2022. Let’s get started.

Is earning a degree necessary?

There isn’t any specific course or a path toward a career as an indie game developer. However, the right skills, qualifications, and experience can make you a competitive candidate in this field. Starting a career as a game developer requires the basic knowledge of coding, graphics, UI/UX development, and game algorithms. You can learn each aspect of game development in your school. There are certain game designing course that you can opt to get started.

Some courses are specifically designed to teach you game art and design. If that’s not available in your city, you can choose computer science or computer engineering. Mathematics, physics, and computer science are a few subjects included in your game design course.

Enroll in Gaming Courses

While a degree will give you the basic knowledge of computers, gaming, and coding, it is not enough. The best place to start is the online certification courses. Unity is the best platform for aspiring game developers with zero coding knowledge. It is a power-packed game engine that provides you with a plethora of features and tools to build a 2D or 3D game that is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and nearly all platforms.

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or any qualifications to enroll in a Unity course. Just find a suitable course, sign up for the program, get a chance to learn from the industry’s leading game developers, and get a certification of completion. Some of the best courses are available through the MAGES Institute for both beginners and experienced developers that are creative and industry-relevant. You get to learn C#, the principle of designing a game, 2D and 3D game designs, and the unity game engine.

Build a Portfolio

Whether you’d like to start as a freelancer or work with an indie group of developers, the important step to starting your career in this industry is building a portfolio. To build a strong portfolio, you must take programming or game development courses in Singapore. Even if you are starting your own game development studio, you need to build a portfolio to get projects. A gaming portfolio shows your expertise in the gaming industry, the types of games you have developed, your qualifications, and your soft and hard skills. Show your specialization and mention any team or individual projects you’ve worked on. If you have worked in a team, make sure you mention your contribution.

Learn Coding and Other Skills

The most crucial aspect of a game development process is coding. You need to take coding classes to be able to incorporate your desired features into games. You can specialize in one or more coding languages. Python and Java are the most popular choices for programmers, especially beginners with no programming knowledge. C++ is also available for those looking to build video games or other mobile apps.

Sign up for the coding programs available on the internet to hone your programming skills. As mentioned above, Unity is an excellent course for beginners and professional game developers. It will teach you C, C++, Java, Python, and various programming languages used in the indie game development industry.

Improve Your Experience

Before you deploy your own indie game, it is important to gain on-the-job experience by working under a professional developer. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a permanent job. But, an internship or a few freelancing projects will give you a good start in this field. Practical knowledge is important if you want to become a professional indie game developer. So, it is important to keep an eye out for the latest jobs in the gaming companies. Some programming and game development courses offer you an internship program, allowing you to gain practical knowledge.

What does an Indie Game Developer Do?

An indie game developer has the skills to create multiple components of video games. Using their creativity and coding knowledge, they turn their ideas into a virtual gaming world. It could be a single-player game or a first-person shooting game that people can play with their friends. The opportunities are endless. Their job doesn’t end with developing a game, but they have to test the graphics and user interface for possible bugs. A game developer plays an important role in various aspects of the game development project. As a developer, you may have to work with artists, designers, software developers, and other professionals to launch a video game.

The growth of AR/VR will extend beyond 2020. AR/VR will influence the future of game design. And many industry analysts anticipate significant AR/VR advancements in 2020 (and beyond). In the future, it will be an expected in games. Game designers will strive for realism. Players will seek the capacity to survive in-game.

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