How to keep your expenses to the minimum as a project manager?

Running a project can be difficult enough, but if you don’t manage your expenses well, it can become nearly impossible to succeed at all. However, there are ways to keep expenses to the minimum while still keeping your project on track. For example, you can track your expenses with the help of timesheet and expenses software, such as BQE. This will ensure minimum spending and maximum output. Apart from this, they can also use eisenhower matrix app to help them priortize their tasks.

Besides that, there are numerous other ways to keep your expenses minimum. These include:

1) Travel smart

  • Book flights in advance. You can often get cheaper rates by booking your flights weeks or even months in advance.
  • Look for flight deals and discounts. Several websites and apps can help you find the best deals on flights and hotels.
  • Stay in cheaper accommodation.

2) Cut food waste

When catering for events or ordering lunch for the office, make sure to only order what you need. If there is food left over, donate it to a local food bank or shelter. You will be doing good in the community and you’ll also be saving money on future catering needs. You should also bring a packed lunch to work every day and avoid pricey convenience foods like salads from fast-food restaurants, or other packaged snacks.

3) Keep meetings short

As a project manager, one of your primary responsibilities is ensuring that projects stay on budget. One way to do this is by keeping meetings short. Try setting a timer for 30 minutes and having everyone focus on the task at hand. This will help minimize side conversations and keep the meeting moving. You can also use an online meeting tool like Zoom or GoToMeeting, which can be cheaper than renting a conference room.

4) Take advantage of public resources

Your local library is a great resource for business books and magazines. You can also find a wealth of online resources, like eBooks, webinars, and articles. When it comes to project management software, there are many free or low-cost options available. Don’t forget about the power of networking. Networking events offer excellent opportunities to meet others in your field as well as learn more about their projects. They’re also an easy way to drum up some freelance work if you’re looking for extra cash.

5) Work with vendors on discounts

If you want to save money as a project manager, one of the best places to start is with your vendors. Ask about volume discounts and free shipping before you make any purchases, always look for coupons and deals, sign up for email newsletters from your favorite retailers – work with suppliers that offer multi-year contracts

6) Keep mobile equipment in check

Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops add convenience to your life, but they also can be a big drain on your budget. Consider whether you and your team members must have mobile equipment. If everyone needs a phone or tablet, consider ways to share equipment among your team or negotiate an employee discount if you buy through your employer.

7) Understand what you need

Most of the time, many of the items that are on your list are unnecessary and can be done without. You don’t need to buy all the latest gadgets for example. These may seem like a fun thing at first but they will never get used and will just take up space and collect dust as time goes on.

8) Negotiate early, negotiate often

One of the best ways to save money as a project manager is to negotiate early and often. By negotiating with vendors, contractors, and other suppliers, you can get the best possible price for goods and services. And, by doing this regularly, you can keep your costs down over time.


To minimize expenses, first, get organized and streamline your process. You can use a project management platform for this purpose. Second, use technology to your advantage by automating tasks and communicating electronically. Third, be mindful of where you’re spending your money and look for ways to cut costs. Fourth, work with freelancers and other independent contractors to get the job done. Finally, always be prepared to negotiate terms and prices.

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