How to Optimize MySQL Table Using EXPLAIN Plan

Database systems are intellectual operations that allow businesses and organizations to run and process smoothly without any error or disruption. The systems analysis communication and information related to sales transactions, customer profiles, product inventory, and marketing updates.

From time to time, everyone has faced situations in which executing complex and lengthy queries take a lot of time, making the process incompetent, and slow. In such scenarios, understand the reason why this happens, and what you can do to tune your queries to improve the database performance.

MySQL EXPLAIN statement is the best solution to optimize the query performance. In this article, you will get a briefing about the MySQL EXPLAIN statement and how it operates.

MySQL Code EXPLAIN Statement

MySQL is an open-source database system that manages your data by using a structured query language. The data can be anything starting from a simple grocery list to processing data in a corporate network. The data management system is being excessively used in a wide range of applications, and online publishing. The MySQL platform has marked its excellence with unlimited features such as complete atomic, isolated, durable transaction support, consistent, multi-version support, and consistency.

Now, the MySQL EXPLAIN statement is an extended version that authorizes the user to understand how the MySQL queries are executed and what indexing techniques are more efficient to run the queries. It is a functional statement to further optimize the existing MySQL data queries.

The MySQL EXPLAIN statement will show the execution plan of a query by a briefing on which process takes place in which order. So, that the user can further optimize the query with choice and preference. There will be different options such as delete, insert, select, replace, and update to advance the procedure.

For example, by adding indexes to a table with the help of EXPLAIN, the data can execute faster by using indexes to find rows and columns.

How Does it Work?

The MySQL EXPLAIN statement is a brief review of MySQL queries for further optimization, and correction. The program runs a diagnosis to figure out the error for which the query is not working efficiently.

The EXPLAIN works by retrieving information about how MySQL works and executes. It works with some standard functions such as REPLACE, INSERT, etc. to edit an MYSQL query. For the program to work, the user has to first place the EXPLAIN in the statement. By adding EXPLAIN to the query, valuable data such as query ID, type, partitions, tables, indexes, used indexes, etc. will display. Then by accessing the data, the user can improve the statements and queries for positive outcomes.

With the help of the following example, the user will have a clear understanding of how the MySQL EXPLAIN statement works:

  • Suppose there is a query of selecting all managers with the last date they made a product sale. With the SELECT statement
  • Write the query to further optimize it
  • Then, click execute
  • The results will be shown in the table to display different options such as view, edit, print data, use popular formats, filters by choice, and many more.


EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM employees WHERE first_name = “Joe”\G

How you can improve query performance using dbForge Studio for MySQL

The dbForge Studio for MySQL is designed to solve and ease that difficulty to improve the coding to the next level. Most of the time, error messages only indicate that something is wrong with the database but do not talk about the exact problem. The MySQL EXPLAIN of software will be useful in this situation to simplify the complex queries.

If you’re getting performance problems with a query or an index that are causing long response times, the Query Profiler can help you identify the underlying problem and take corrective actions to improve query performance.

If you have a large table that you are selecting from, you can use Explain to see how fast your query is running and which indexes can be used to speed it up.

The coding procedure of EXPLAIN in dbForge Studio for MySQL is as simple and easy as shown in the steps.


The EXPLAIN statement can be very helpful in optimizing queries to MySQL.

In this article, we will take a look at the basic syntax for MySQL EXPLAIN and we will see how to use it to optimize our queries.

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