Ideas for a Memorable Graduation Video

Every year, high school students prepare to cross the stage and receive their diplomas. Commencement is a symbolic and memorable day that takes years of hard work and dedication. A great way to capture a graduation ceremony and honor your graduate is to create a memorable graduation video. Every graduate has a unique journey leading up to commencement, and a great graduation video shows that. Everything from photos, quotes, inspiring wishes, and music can capture the story of your graduate and help you create a memorable graduation video.

Choose a video maker or template to work with

You don’t have to be a professional film producer to create a memorable graduation video. You can find a range of free and subscription-based online programs that help you create high-quality slideshows. Once you have all the content you want to include in your video, you can insert it into a template and customize it to your specifications.

If you want to pull out all the stops, you could rent out a film studio and get your graduate’s friends and family involved. Parlay Studios is a 50,000 SF production studio whose stages serve creatives and brands in film, TV, video, and photography. The state-of-the-art film production studio features office space, flex space, and green rooms to customize your production experience. Film production studio rentals are perfect for commercials and music video shoots as well as photoshoots. With access to props, lighting equipment, grip, and production equipment, you can shoot a memorable graduation video with film studio quality.

Tell a story with photos

It’s a good idea to include only high-quality photos and videos with a high resolution. You should include pictures that show your graduate’s personal and academic progress. Arrange the photos in chronological order, starting from elementary school to commencement. Ask family and friends for any pictures they have.

Collect graduation quotes and interviews

A great way to make your carefully curated photos stand out is to include graduation quotes and inspiring messages. Consider adding titles to relevant slides, noting the years of photos, or short explanations for group photos. Another sentimental touch you can include is short interview clips from important people in your student’s life. This includes mentors, teachers, coaches, friends, family, and parents.

Incorporate music and school colors

Including the right music in your graduation video will help bring it to life. Background music helps set the mood and keep viewers engaged. Make sure the music you chose fits the theme of the video and reflects the graduate being honored. Consider incorporating the school colors into the video as well. You can easily customize the fonts, colors, and text styles of the video to match the school.

Maintaining a high GPA throughout years of intense coursework isn’t easy, but the reward is high honors for those who strive for academic excellence. Receiving an academic honor at commencement demonstrates a high academic achievement. NSHSS explains the difference between graduating with honors as a high school student and a college student. High honors in high school mean earning a certain GPA that qualifies you for the honor roll and the ability to graduate as the Valedictorian or Salutatorian. High honors in college refer to three levels of Latin honors – cum laude, manga cum laude, and summa cum laude. Universities have their own criteria for giving these honors.

The best video is a simple one

The most memorable graduation video is simple and to the point. Choose only the best and most relevant photos, and don’t go overboard with transitions or special effects. Avoid making a video that’s too short or too long. The ideal graduation video is 10 to 15 minutes long, includes a maximum of 100 photos, and three to five songs. Allow each image to display for three to five seconds, and keep transition effects to one to seconds.

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