What are the important questions for Class 9 English

Class 9th English is a scoring subject if the students excel in writing and grammatical skills. The score in this subject will be added to the overall percentage. Class 9 English consists of Beehive and the supplementary reader Moments. All the topics are interesting and help in making the foundation strong in the English language.

The NCERT books for class 9 English are structured by expert professionals with exuberant knowledge of the language. Students can make use of these and prepare for their exams with confidence.

The chapters in class 9 Beehive are as below

The Fun They Had.

The Little Girl.

The Sound of Music.

A Truly Beautiful Mind.

The Snake and The Minor.

My Childhood.


Reach for the Top.

The Bond of Love.


If I Were You.

The Poems are

The Road Not Taken

Rain on The Roof


The Lake Isle of Innisfree

A Legend of The Northland

No Men are Foreign

The Duck and The Kangaroos.

On Killing A Tree

The Snake Trying.

A Slumber did my Spirit Steal.

The chapters in the supplementary reader of class 9 are

The Lost Child

The Adventures of Toto

Iswaran the Storyteller

In the Kingdom of Fools.

The HappyPrince

Weathering the Storm in Ersama

The Last Leaf

A House is Not a Home

The Accidental Tourist.

The Beggar.

Important questions

Each chapter has some questions which are important. Students should learn to write in a proper format that is presentable and interesting to read. Some of the questions are asked repeatedly in the exams almost every year. These questions should be focussed more and should be prepared mandatorily.

Some of the important questions chapter wise are as follows:

The Fun They Had.

  1. What different book was found by Tommy?
  2. What book was shown to Margie by Tommy?
  3. What did Margie think about the country inspector?
  4. Describe Margie and Tommy’s teachers.
  5. Describe the strange book fiend by Margie.
  6. What was Tommy’s Opinion about old teachers?
  7. What was the difference in Margie’s school?
  8. Why were the pages yellow in the book?

The Sound of Music

  1. What was the reason for Evelyn to lose the power of hearing?
  2. What was the reason for Evelyn’s nervousness?
  3. How was Evelyn’s deafness noticed?
  4. How was Evelyn’s music continued?
  5. How was Evelyn successful?
  6. How did Evelyn cope up with her disability?
  7. What was the inspiration from Evelyn?

The Little Girl

  1. How was Kezia comforted?
  2. How has Kezia’s attitude changed?
  3. Why was Kezia’s father displeased?
  4. What was the reason for Kezia’s fear?
  5. Describe the story of a Little girl.

A Truly Beautiful Mind

  1. Point out the achievements of Albert Einstein?
  2. What was unusual about Albert Einstein?
  3. Explain the letter written to the American president?
  4. Explain the global issues.
  5. What was Einstein called by the people?

The Snake and the Mirror

  1. What were the doctor’s thoughts?
  2. What was the reason for the doctor to run?
  3. How has the opinion of the writer changed?
  4. What was the doctor’s reaction when he saw the snake?
  5. Describe the characteristics of a doctor in the story.

My Childhood

  1. How was A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s childhood?
  2. Explain about A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s family?
  3. What was the feeling of Abdul Kalam’s first wages?
  4. What was the change of system in the chapter?
  5. Who was Abdul Kalam’s friend?


  1. How did the author get his tooth bush?
  2. What was the trouble created by the dog while packing?
  3. Who did the better packing? Explain.
  4. What were the foolish things and who did it?
  5. What was the role of the dog in this chapter?

Reach for the Top

  1. What was the character of Santosh?
  2. What was the ability of Santosh?
  3. How was Santosh’s childhood?
  4. What is the importance of the correct path?
  5. How did Santosh get the inspiration?

The Bond of Love

  1. How was Bruno’s paralysis treated?
  2. Explain the qualities of the bear?
  3. What was the specialty of Bruno when he returned?
  4. How was Bruno’s problem solved?
  5. What was the message of the author?


  1. What did the author do in Kathmandu?
  2. What was the significance of the signboard?
  3. What was the atmosphere of Pashupatinath Temple?
  4. What was the action taken by the policeman?
  5. What was the writer’s opinion about the activities on the bank of the Bagmati River?

If I Were You

  1. What is the concept of the chapter?
  2. What was Gerrard’s appearance?
  3. What did Gerrard ask the intruder?
  4. Describe the characteristics of the Intruder?
  5. Describe Gerrard’s reaction in the story?

Important questions in the poem

When it comes to Poems, it becomes very important to know the summary and the concept of the poem. Each line becomes important. The questions can be asked about any line or stanza of a poem. One should be careful and thorough about the message that the poet is trying to give. Once you are aware of these, you can answer any question asked related to the poems.

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While reciting the poem it is also very important to know about the author and his views. Knowing these will help you to answer the questions easily.

Important questions in the chapters from the supplementary reader Moments

The Lost Child

  1. What was the child’s reaction when he didn’t see his parents?
  2. Where did the lost child reach?
  3. How was the child rescued?
  4. What was the reason for the child to delay while going to the fair?
  5. How was the child lost?

The Adventures of Toto

  1. What is the concept of the story?
  2. What are the important characteristics in the chapter?

Iswaran the Storyteller

  1. What was the impact of Iswaran’s story?
  2. Describe the characteristics of Iswaran?
  3. Explain about Mahendra?

In the Kingdom of Fools

  1. What was the reason for people’s confusion?
  2. What was the guru’s word?
  3. What is the concept of the chapter?
  4. What lesson do you learn from the chapter?

The Happy Prince

  1. What was the reason for crying?
  2. What is the concept of the chapter?

Weathering the storm in Ersama

  1. How was food managed?
  2. How was Prashanth helpful?
  3. What do you learn from this lesson?

The Last Leaf

  1. Where did Sue Rush down?
  2. What was the association of Johnsy with the leaves?

A House is Not a Home

  1. What happened to Zan’s mother?
  2. How did she save the important document?

The Accidental Tourist

  1. What color were Bryson’s teeth?
  2. What happened to Bill Bryson?

The Beggar

  1. Describe the Beggar?
  2. Who was Sergei?

These are some of the important questions. These are for practice but it does not mean that you just have to study only these. You have to be thorough with the chapters and their explanations, and then you can get maximum benefits from studying these important questions.




































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