Instacruze: How to Upgrade a Travel Profile Using Instagram Live?

From a photo-sharing forum to one of the most influential social media platforms – Instagram has evolved! People from more significant sectors, like business, food, travel, fashion, etc., have started their journey on Instagram. The constant addition of new and unique features was the main reason for its popularity. Especially travel bloggers and influencers took this chance to showcase their lifestyles with beautiful visuals.

You can post videos, stories, reels, photos, etc., that people from anywhere can watch. Getting a decent amount of likes and views on these posts can take time and effort. That, too, if you are still determining the employment of this platform. You can either organically utilize all the features of Instagram or buy automatic instagram impressions to enhance your post’s reach. Some of the best features like

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram Live can help you grow on this platform.

In this article, we’ll see a few ideas on leveraging Instagram Live if you are a travel influencer. 

What Is Instagram Live?

Users can stream or broadcast Live videos in real time using the Instagram Live feature. This feature is available to every user on Instagram. Like Instagram Stories, these appear as a small red circle on the top of your feed. When someone you follow goes Live, Instagram will notify you with a “Live” tag on it. 

Launch of Instagram Live

Live streaming of videos has been there since the evolution of various social media platforms. Instagram launched this Live feature in the year 2016. Initially, users cannot rewatch a Live stream that ended. Whereas with new updates, users can now view streams that they missed watching. This feature encourages a user to stay connected with their followers more frequently. Also, your can effortlessly increase your engagement rate using Instacruze.

How to Go Live?

Instagram Live is a great way to maintain your existing followers and gain new ones. But How to go Live on Instagram? Is it easy or complicated? Following the steps below, you can go Live quickly and connect with your followers on Instagram.

  1. Locate the Live Button

Swipe right anywhere in your feed or select the plus button on the top right corner of your feed. Now swipe to Live from the below options.

  1. Set Your Camera Settings

Before going Live, adjust your camera settings accordingly. Click on the settings symbol in the left corner. You will be provided with the Story, Reels, and Live options in the camera settings. Select the Live option where you can 

Viewing Option: You can hide your Live from certain people in your follower list using this option.

Saving Option: Using this option, you can toggle between automatically archiving your Live for 30 days or not.

  1. Unique Options 

These options will be located on the left side of your Live camera. 


You can give a title to your Live using this option. Always choose an appropriate title so that your audience can identify the purpose of your Live easily.


You can also schedule your Live priorly using this calendar feature. You can choose a time between one hour from now or three months.

Broadcast Audience

In this feature, you can set audiences using two options.

Public: By selecting this option, you can allow anyone to watch your Live, and your followers will be notified when you go Live.

Practice: In this mode, you can go Live by yourself or invite others to open a Live room. You can practice this before going Live in front of thousands of users. So it is more like a pre-session.

Also, you can filter out or hide inappropriate comments during your Live by choosing specific options under the privacy settings. With all set, you can now Go Live! Go viral! Furthermore, you can also opt for Instacruze to go viral globally and gain more followers.

How to Utilize Instagram Live as a Travel Influencer?

Now you know how to go Live, it is time to use this feature efficiently. As a travel influencer, you visit N number of breathtaking places. Live streaming them is an added advantage to you. Below mentioned are some of the ways by which you can upgrade your Instagram journey using this feature.

  1. Pre-announce Your Livestream 

Unfortunately, if you go Live, Instagram will notify only your followers. But what if you want even your non-followers to watch your stream? The answer is straightforward. Announce it! Spend some time creating a story or feed post about the details of your Live. Such as 

  • The timing of your stream.
  • About the destination or spot, you are going to Livestream or 
  • A hint about your Livestream.

There is a chance that even your followers can miss your stream. Pre-announcing your Live stream will get more people’s attention within and around your circle. Even if your stream is unplanned, make sure you take just a few minutes to update it. 

  1. Utilize Every Option Available

After going Live, you can see who joined your Live, the number of viewers, and their comments on your Live. Other than that, you can 

Add or Invite a Guest: Instead of going Live alone, you can add or invite other users to join your Live stream. You have to give a request or accept the request from whoever you want to join your Live. Upon accepting your request, they can enter your Live. Through this, you can collaborate with both influencers and commoners.

View Questions From Your Audience: While going Live, you can see the comments and questions posted by your audience. You can also share them on the screen and answer them to engage effectively. 

Add Face Filters: You can also add filters to your video, mute your audio and turn off your video when needed with the options available on the right side of your screen. 

  1. Few Ideas for a Travel Influencer

The following are a few ideas to know and stay updated on while going Live

  • Talk more about your personal travel experiences.
  • Share informative news such as traveling on a minimal budget or tips and tricks to follow while traveling.
  • Provide value through recommendations and suggestions.
  • Collaborate with your niche influencers.
  • Sell necessary travel products through affiliate marketing.

Wrapping Up

Travel bloggers can use the Live streaming option and gain more and more benefits. User engagement, follower gain, account reach, etc., can be attained with this feature. As Instagram has diverse features and is not limited to anyone, it’s time to utilize it as much as possible. Also, staying consistent and patient to achieve your final goal on Instagram is vital. Hence make your journey on Instagram productive and effective using Instagram Live. Happy streaming!

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