Why iOS developers are using swift?

Most of the mobile application market is occupied by native development. It is “sharpened” to work on devices running certain operating systems. The most popular operating systems now are iOS. It runs on all Apple devices, and Android. The latter OS is successfully used by many companies and is more versatile. While iOS remains an exclusive Apple product.

When creating programs for these platforms, developers use different programming languages. They ??have significant differences. That’s why Ios specialists will not develop products for Android, and vice versa. In this article, we will try to figure out what iOS apps do and what development tools programmers use to improve their work.

Who is an iOS developer

IOS developer is working on games, software, updates and interfaces for devices that are produced under the Apple brand (among them – iPad and iPod, iPhone and the famous “smart” wristwatch Watch).

In general, today the share of Apple products that run on the mobile operating the IOS system accounts for more than 17% of the Russian market. And at the same time, the demand for Apple products, one of the most popular IT brands in the world, is constantly growing, respectively, and the market is constantly need experienced IOS developers.

This work is quite prestigious – the work of programmers who create software for devices Apple is paid much higher than the work of those who make software for Android.

This approach is due to the rather high requirements of the target audience, high prices for products for Apple, the overall prestige and even the uniqueness of the profession.

Those who are engaged in software for IOS today use a young programming language in their work Swift is expected to displace Objective-C from the market in the future.

The main feature of Swift is ease of learning, good resistance to errors, all this allows speed up the process of creating software several times.

Features of work

IOS developer is a profession that can be safely called a vocation. Because only after? truly talented and persistent people achieve success if they work in this direction of the field of programming. iOS programmers spend a lot of time self-education, they try to keep track of market trends all the time, and also follow the mood of potential buyers. Passion and talent are important, as are adequate assessment of their own abilities. There was even a rumor that Google wants to transfer Android completely to swift, anything can be.

Let’s talk about the main types of work that software programmers for IOS are doing today:

  • creation of software and updates for devices that operate on IOS;
  • writing various technical documentation for the created software;
  • debugging, as well as testing of the created applications for Apple OS;
  • downloading ready-made applications to the App Store;
  • solving a variety of controversial issues that may be associated with downloading software in the App Store;
  • debugging the program in accordance with the results of user assessment (here are added new functions, as well as various minor edits).

First of all, an iOS programmer is one of the highest paid professions in the field mobile development.

You can become an iOS developer without a specialized education.

Another plus is a rather serious shortage of developers for IOS on the territory of the CIS.

Undoubted advantages – opportunities for creative and career growth, as well as the language itself Swift, very easy to learn. You can learn a profession on your own, all the time honing your skills on interesting projects.

If you work with large companies, then you can count on training, as well as and on foreign business trips. Finally, programming for iOS opens up access to some of the best modern devices.

The Swift programming language is native to Apple ecosystem apps: iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. Both mobile applications and desktop software are written using Swift. Let’s take a closer look at its advantages and capabilities.

First of all, let’s say a few words about Swift’s ancestor, Objective-C. Some experts believe that he is already, as they say, losing ground, losing in the speed of work. In addition, the program code written in Swift is easier to read, and it is not difficult even for novice developers to learn it.

Advantages of Swift over Objective-C:

  • more modern syntactic constructions such as generics, tuples, closures;
  • increased security: Optional’s, allowing you to no longer be afraid of null, overflow protection;
  • excellent readability of the code.

Swift and mobile apps

The Swift programming language is the only modern language for mobile software development in the Apple ecosystem. Likewise, Xcode is the only official IDE. Yes, it limits the choice, but at the same time we get a really specialized tool designed for the job.

They make 3D graphics and games through the Metal API (the official Apple library). But the ARKit library makes it possible to create AR applications (augmented reality).

Swift and desktop

Creation of desktop apps for macOS is also one of the main purposes of the language. In this case, development is also carried out in Xcode, with many native libraries for UI and program code being used. On top of that, Visual Studio 2019 enables the developer to write in Swift on Windows.

Swift and server / web apps

Swift allows this as well. For example, there is the Vapor web framework written in Swift. It allows you to write sites, web applications and APIs using HTTP or WebSockets. There are many useful frameworks and Vapor itself. And in general, using the same language on both the client and the server is just convenient.

Swifty is great for on-the-go learning. But for a deeper dive into Swift programming, you will, of course, need a computer with Mac OS X and a fresh version of the Xcode programming environment installed on it. If your computer is running Windows or Linux, you can use Swift online compilers such as RunSwift or SwiftStub for training as an alternative to Xcode’s Playground feature. Playground allows you to create a Swift program in Xcode and immediately see the result of the code execution.

Swifty may seem like a toy to an experienced programmer, but the app does an excellent job of two things: sparking interest in programming and teaching the basics to newbies.

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