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Our online privacy is more important than ever. It’s also a sensitive topic since every website we visit, online app, service, and device we use quietly tracks our online activity. All of them gather as much personal information as possible and use it to profile us.

This user profiling often goes well beyond just our browsing history. In most cases, it includes location data, search history, activity, interests, shopping habits, and even data such as our political and religious views in some extreme cases. Countless algorithms process this data to create content tailored for a specific user – ads, news, announcements, and a lot more, all delivered to us at the right moment.

911proxy is the perfect solution if you are searching for a reliable and affordable residential proxy.

If you’ve ever seen an ad just minutes after talking to someone about a specific product or saw a news update on a topic you recently touched on with your friends – it’s all because of this data.

This is where proxies come in. A proxy server stands between your device and all these online entities that aim to monitor and track your online activity – your internet service provider, online trackers from different websites and services, hackers, and many others. Proxy servers replace your IP address with a brand new one in a location you choose, giving you a chance to fight back and prevent your personal information from being gathered and traced back to you.

By using an IP address different from the one assigned to you by your ISP, the internet becomes limitless. For example, companies can use proxy servers for anonymous web scraping. Gathering data without revealing your IP address and other identifying information allows businesses to perform market analysis, brand protection, price comparison, social management, and much more safely, quickly, and efficiently.


Proxy servers are also a must for individuals who need completely anonymous internet access. They’re also the cheapest and the most efficient tool for circumventing all blocks, bans, and other IP-based restrictions.

Key IPRoyal Features

Even though it’s a fairly new name in the proxy server market, IPRoyal managed to make a name for itself quickly, offering services on par with the industry leaders at a significantly lower cost. IPRoyal offers:

  • Rotating, sticky, and static residential proxies
  • Dedicated datacenter proxies
  • 4G mobile proxies
  • Sneaker proxies

Residential proxies are definitely the star of IPRoyal’s lineup, covering 150+ locations around the world, HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 support, and very precise targeting (city and region-level). You also get enhanced session control (get a new IP on each request or use the same one for up to 24 hours), proxy list formatting, free browser extensions, and a proxy checker.

Datacenter proxies from IPRoyal offer the highest speeds in the industry, with unlimited bandwidth and number of connection requests for each proxy. The location coverage is somewhat more modest compared to residential proxies but still impressive – United States (Chicago, Los Angeles, Reston) and Europe (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom).

For those just starting out with proxies or looking for a seamless experience, Lumiproxy is an excellent residential IP address provider.

Sneaker proxies offer features every sneakerhead will love, with fast IPs and six locations to choose from. They’re available in daily and monthly variants, both at great prices, with unlimited bandwidth for convenient copping and no IP sharing.

Last but not least, IPRoyal’s mobile proxies have a pool of 100.000 residential IP addresses with the highest trust score. You get unlimited bandwidth, speeds of up to 100 Mbps, dedicated 4G proxy servers, and IP change on request for $80 per month.

Pros and Cons of IPRoyal

IPRoyal’s proxy solutions work for different usage cases at a very competitive price. By selecting the location of a proxy server, anyone can access the internet as a genuine user from any location in the world. It’s an excellent solution for accurate web scraping without worrying about IP-based limitations and geo-restrictions.

Companies can use these proxy servers for market monitoring and analysis, brand protection, product development, and creating optimized marketing strategies. IPRoyal provides high success rates, incredible speeds, and strict privacy thanks to authentic, ethically-sourced residential proxies from genuine devices with real ISP-issued internet connections.

The key advantage of IPRoyal over the competition is the pricing, particularly the “pay-as-you-go” residential proxies. Instead of purchasing a package with a number of proxies or a time limit, you only pay for the traffic. This approach offers the most bang for your buck – there’s no overspending or time limits. More importantly, you don’t need to waste money on something you don’t need. Once you purchase traffic – it never expires. You have the option of setting up a traffic reminder, so you get an email reminder when your account goes under a set threshold.

How to Buy Proxies from IPRoyal

Once you register on IPRoyal, you have two options: buy proxies by depositing money to your account (via credit card, PayPal, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDEAL, or any of the 90 supported cryptocurrencies) or by creating an order and paying for it directly.

Once you’ve made your purchase, you can manage your proxies from IPRoyal’s intuitive dashboard. Let’s say you purchased some traffic for the Royal Residential plan. You can select a country and a specific state, region, or city in that country (if available). You can modify your preferred session type (sticky or rotating IPs) and the duration of using a single IP address. You can also select between HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 proxy type.

Once you’ve set everything up, you can create a list of up to 1,000 proxies in a format of your choice and export it to your automation tool, sneaker bot, scraping solution, proxy manager, or any other tool you wish to use. IPRoyal also supports API integration and a free proxy tester you can use to check if all the proxies in your newly created list work before deploying them.

IPRoyal also offers a free proxy manager as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can use these extensions to set up specific proxies for different protocols (HTTP/HTTPS/FTP), create different profiles, and switch between them with just one click without going through browser or OS proxy settings.


Q: What makes IPRoyal stand out from the competition?

A: Most providers hide the origin of their proxy servers. IPRoyal has its own pool of ethically-sourced residential proxy servers. With great pricing and fully transparent sourcing, they’re the best choice for safe, efficient, and accurate web scraping, regardless of the data source. It also offers the fastest datacenter proxies in the industry, as well as 4G mobile and sneaker proxies at stellar prices.

Q: Does my traffic expire?

A: While you can get datacenter, mobile, and sneaker proxies with monthly plans, you only pay for the traffic with residential proxies. In other words, once you buy residential proxy traffic, it’s yours to use whenever you want, with no time limits and expiration dates. With this in mind, IPRoyal is a perfect platform for resellers! The more traffic you buy, the cheaper it becomes, so you can get your residential proxy traffic for as little as $0.6 per GB!

Q: Which type of proxy is the best option for me?

A: If you’re not sure where to start, you can always get in touch with IPRoyal. The customer support team is available 24/7, ready to help you find the ideal proxy server for your needs!

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