Magento Mobile App Development (The Easy Guide For 2021)

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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP and is widely used by developers to develop eCommerce platforms. Magento was officially developed in early 2007, and a beta version was released on 31st August 2007. Mobile apps make it convenient for a shopper to interact with your business and help your business reach a global audience. With a plethora of platforms in the market, you might get confused about the platform you should opt for. Experts in the field of mobile commerce recommend going with a tried-and-tested platform that has survived the market and is easy to use.

Magento has an open-source software that allows an app development service to leverage it for convenience. The feature that is praised the most by developers is the scalability that Magento grants its users while developing an eCommerce application. Apps developed with Magento have high security and are SEO friendly, which makes their visibility in the market a lot better.  Magento has an open-source software that allows an app development services for startup to leverage it for convenience.

The apps also display efficient performance and smoother third-party integration. With its rich features, Magento also accommodates multiple stores and multiple language support allowing your app to be as versatile as you want. Magento also allows the creation of new extensions within the application.

Even though the software is free, it is difficult to reap all the benefits from it without experience and thus, it is highly recommended to use an application development firm. A firm that already has the best experts in the field ensures that you get the application development solution you need to scale your business and create a custom app tailored to your needs.

When you take the solutions provided by an app development service the experts they have onboard make the process as simple as possible. With their application development solution, your application can have an integration of payment options as per your choice, and also complete documentation of the integrated app and plugin. You can also depend on the firm for free bug fixes and consistent maintenance of the website, which can get expensive over time if you choose to hire an in-house developer.

There are a wide variety of features that you can make yourself familiar with and incorporate into your eCommerce application when you use Magento. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • User-friendly interface: An application development firm will suggest you to opt for a smart user interface that makes sure that the shopping experience is fun for your customers. Features like a one-tap login, intuitive font options, and single-screen checkout make your app interactive and a satisfying experience for the customers.
  • Customizable home screen: An app development service will know how to make good use of all the elements of screen design. These include categories, displaying multiple products, recently viewed products, which can be modified through a drag-and-drop option to make your vision a reality.
  • Tab bar icon: With the tab bar icon, the customer can easily switch between sections of the app. This makes the user experience seamless.
  • Synchronizing information: Using an application development firm lets you understand how Magento works when it comes to syncing information. It is easy to make sure that all the information in your app is in sync with the data on your website. You can update the website and the app will automatically reflect the same information.
  • The universality of devices: Making your app compatible with multiple operating systems and devices can be a huge task. But using Magento, you can achieve this feat as multi-lingual and RTL writing helps the app be compatible across smartphones, operating systems and even on Ipads. Magento also supports vouchers and coupons. This ensures that customers are able to get their products at discounted prices and opt for various shipping methods. It also allows the customers to track their orders in real-time, simultaneously solidifying the reputation of your business.
  • Wishlist: A wishlist function is always a great feature to have on your eCommerce app so your customers can come back to the product they like. You can make use of this feature in Magento to retain customers.
  • Streamlined navigation: An application development solution can also make you aware of streamlined navigation for your app. They can optimise your app to make use of the filtering and sorting function in Magento to make searching for products an easy process. Moreover, you can also customize your app to recognise voice search in Magento Android.
  • Push notifications: With the help of an app development service, you can enable push notifications to customers consisting of daily offers, discounts, new collections or other highlights.  These can be set to be automated or manual depending on your preference.
  • Customer service: Good customer service always ensures loyal customers. With WhatsApp or Zopim chat support, customers can contact a store admin and get a resolution of their problem.
  • Extensions on Magento: Magento extensions can be downloaded from the Magento marketplace. The app development service can also help you find the right extensions from a third-party extension developer. Enabling and configuring extensions after verifying the composer will help you streamline your application. With the right service, you can keep all your extensions in one place and modify them accordingly.

Despite the Magento app being a great tool to create an application, you still have to be careful of a few mistakes that you may make during the process. Getting the right application development solution to avoid these mistakes can bode long term profits for your business.

  1. Cluttered user interface: The seamlessness of the user interface is vital in an application. While planning your app layout, make sure your interface is not cluttered with functions that can make the user lose interest. Striking a balance between an eye-catching interface that is efficient is key. An ideal user interface is one that also supports features like pinch-to-zoom and double-tap to let customers get a better idea of the product.
  2. Rule of Thumb: Most people use apps on their smartphones. So, the rule of thumb is to position the primary tabs to allow the user to reach them with their thumb.
  3. Security considerations: Security considerations are vital and this is where the application development firm can help you get hold of encryption keys allowing your customer to trust you with their personal information.
  4. Focussing on a single platform: To accommodate for a wide range of users, you must make sure that your app supports android as well as iOS and Windows operating systems. Creating a Magento progressive web app, A Magento Hybrid app and a Magento Native app makes sure that you can cater to users and reach a global market. The Magento progressive web app can take about a month to build. Similarly, a Magento Hybrid app can take up to 3 months and a Magento Native app can take upwards of 3 months to build. However, the time spent in developing these applications is worth the investment as it allows your users to experience a seamless experience.
  5. Loading speeds: An application development solution can also help you get a better idea of loading speeds and ensure you stay within the limits. A slower loading speed means you can lose out on customers. Compressing the app’s code and decreasing the file’s weight is a technique used by firms to help load a page faster.

Another big advantage of using an application development firm is consistent testing of the application. The Magento Functional Testing Framework is used to perform end-to-end testing based on specific goals regarding the application. The framework focuses on functional testing and minimizes the effort it takes to perform regression testing. It also ensures a universal standard for system integrators, extension developers and Magento. Keeping a close eye on traceability, Modularity, Customizability, Readability and Maintenance, the framework helps to keep the application running smoothly. Traceability ensures that the application has clear logging and reporting capabilities. Modularity allows the developers to run tests based on the installed modules and extensions in the application. The customizability and readability of the application are handy in running proper XML testing which helps to maintain the application with minimal bugs.

Testing the application also requires a proper strategy as the business cannot rely on users to report bugs. Having knowledge of the application’s functionality helps to test the app. A multi-device approach is advisable during the testing phase of the app to point out specific flaws that might occur when the app switches devices. Testing an app like a website results in bugs piling up to ultimately render the app inefficient. The testing for the app must be carried out in short intense bursts to prevent any lags on the user’s end.

Considering a budget when you opt for Magento app development is important. Come to an agreement with the application development firm regarding the prices. They can charge you individually based on services or you can opt for a package deal giving you the many benefits required to scale your app and ultimately, your business. It is advisable to take consultation from a firm as they can afford to give you package deals, this means that you do not have to come to a different price for each service you require.

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