Mobile Rank Tracking: How To Do It Properly

In today’s digital age, optimizing your website for mobile devices is essential. Ignoring mobile rank tracking and relying on outdated tactics will not yield desired results. 

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on proven SEO techniques, including mobile rank tracking, to enhance your online presence quickly. 

Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to stay ahead of the competition and improving your visibility on Google searches.

What is Mobile Search Engine Optimization?

Mobile SEO, also known as mobile optimization or mobile search engine optimization, involves revamping your website to cater to mobile devices, aiming to improve user experience and ultimately boost your conversions.

Difference Between Desktop Search & Mobile Search

1. Location

As geo-location tracking of mobile devices is easy to track, Google uses this information to offer users the most pertinent search results. Thus, search results may vary based on the location from which you are searching.

2. OS of Device

The operating system also encompasses app collections that do not appear on the desktop. It determines the available options to display results compatible with the device used for the search. 

3. Screen Size of Device

It may surprise you to learn that Google displays different layouts based on the screen size of the device in use. By placing organic search results below map packs, local businesses have a chance to outrank high-authority domains if they optimize their Google My Business accounts. 

Moreover, you can monitor the performance of your keywords in specific locations. Read our blog on comprehensive guide on optimizing local rank with minimal effort.

Mobile Device Usage in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can easily tell you what devices your customers are using. To do it, sign in to your GA account, click on “Tech” and then “Tech Details”. You will see the table with metrics.

Note: The screenshot is taken from the latest version of Google Analytics 4. The previous version of Google Analytics which is Universal Analytics will no longer be in operation from 1st July 2023. However, if you are currently using the old version, you can check out the same data. 

This information can prove valuable when utilized correctly as it enables you to:

  • Determine the devices your current audience is utilizing. If the number of mobile device users is minimal, it could imply that mobiles are not significant for your business type, or you’re losing opportunities due to inadequate mobile optimization and user experience.
  • By tracking mobile device usage, you can assess how your mobile optimization enhancements impact the proportion of visitors using desktop versus mobile devices.

Why Do You Need Mobile Rank Tracking?

Until recently, having a website that worked well on mobile devices simply meant implementing responsive web design (RWD). With RWD, the website content adjusts to fit any screen size by compressing each part of the page to fit a variety of mobile devices with different screen resolutions.

Since July 1, 2019, Google’s mobile-first indexing has completely changed the game. Now, Google first crawls the mobile version of your website, which means that mobile-friendliness is a critical ranking factor that cannot be overlooked. As a result, mobile SEO has become increasingly important, not only as a competitive advantage but also as a way to improve your website’s Google ranking.

Merely tracking your website’s desktop ranking for target keywords is no longer sufficient because Google search results differ for mobile devices. To take full advantage of Google’s mobile-first indexing, it is crucial to incorporate mobile rank tracking into your SEO routine. By doing so, you can ensure that your website benefits from mobile search traffic as soon as possible.

Many SEO tools provide mobile rank tracking, but Serpple stands out because it integrates mobile rank checking into its rank tracker. This means that instead of using separate tools for tracking desktop and mobile keyword performance and researching keywords, you only need to set up Serpple once to cover all your needs. It’s a convenient and efficient solution for managing your SEO tasks.

How to set up your mobile tracking?

To reach people on all devices, it’s essential to optimize your website for mobile search. By implementing a mobile rank tracker, you can enhance your rankings across various devices and expand your business’s online presence. This will ultimately help your business grow and succeed in the digital realm.

Step- 1 Sign up for Serpple Account

Signing up for Serpple is very easy. You just need to enter your contact credentials and you are ready to use the tool. Visit and from there click “Strat Serppling”

Step-2 Add Your Project

If you’re new to Serpple this will be the first page that will appear in front of you. This is because in SEO everything starts with adding your first project. Here, just click on “ADD Project” and let’s keep going.

Step – 3 Enter the project details

With each detail filled in here, you need to name your project and enter the website domain for which you need to track the keywords. And of course, the country for which you are tracking.

There you go, after filling in each detail, the tool takes around 5-10 minutes and gives you a detailed analysis of your website with mobile keyword tracking. 

Finally, fill in all the keywords, you would want to track. In the free account, Serpple offers 10 Mobile keywords tracked for you.

I have filled in the arbitrary keyword for our arbitrary project here, you can add your keywords.

To upgrade, check out the Serpple Pricing Plan. 

Final thoughts

Search engine optimization is a complex process that requires continuous learning and adaptation to maintain high rankings on search engines like Google. Achieving top positions in search results is not a one-time event, but a constant effort. Fortunately, SEO is a field that is constantly evolving, so you’ll never run out of new things to learn.

With over 55% of global traffic coming from mobile devices and the advent of Google’s mobile-first indexing, it is crucial to optimize your website fully for mobile search and ensure an optimal user experience. This will become even more critical as mobile usage continues to grow each year.

Incorporating mobile rank tracking into your SEO strategy can save you valuable time and resources while boosting your website’s mobile search rankings. By using Serpple’s rank tracker, you can access all the tools you need in one place, including desktop, mobile, and local rank tracking, among others. With Serpple, you can streamline your SEO tasks and achieve better results in less time.

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