How to Monitor My Children’s Cell Phone Text Messages 2020

Technology and digitalization have undoubtedly led to a new world where the growth and development of kids have become very easy. There is a flood of information present on the internet, which helps in better learning and understanding, making your kid’s mind stronger.

But at the same time, mobile phones are something that cannot be very safe for the kids; as a parent, it is your responsibility to check the content and messages they have on their should know the people they are talking to or chatting with. Well, multiple apps allow you to monitor the text messages secretly.

How to Monitor Text Messages?

In the current digital world, social networking and messaging apps are a major source of communication. They are used worldwide to connect with people; almost the whole world is connected through these applications.

You can assess the text messages as well as these message applications by installing a monitor app or by registering online with the monitor services provider. Just make sure that the application provides you everything you need and also keeps you hidden that your child never finds out that you are monitoring him.

FoneMonitor: The Best App to Track Text Messages In 2020

FoneMonitor is a monitor app that helps you to track SMS, iMessage, and information shared through MMS. It is one of the most trusted and widely used applications around the world. FoneMonitor is used in 190 plus countries by billions of parents.

For its reliable, precise and accurate services, it has been featured by big brands such as business influencer, business insider and TechAdvisor several times. You can read all the incoming and outgoing messages, along with the ones that have been deleted, saved or undelivered yet. On top of that, all this is done without rooting or jailbreaking the phone.

Are you wondering how to monitor children’s messages with FoneMonitor? Read below to find out!

To track An Android Phone

Step 1: To start with, the very first thing you require is an account. FoneMonitor allows you to create a free account.

To create an account, enter a valid email address and password. This will be the very same email address where you’ll receive the notifications.

Step 2: Now configure the targeted phone. Enter phone type (Android), and the features you want to use. Add credentials of the targeted phone & purchase a subscription plan based on your needs and requirements.

Step 3: Once you complete these two steps, you’ll be taken to the dashboard straight away. From there, you can read all the text messages and iMessages along with the information of the sender.

To Track An iOS device:

Step 1: To track an iOS device, create an account with an iOS subscription. This subscription will provide all the features required to track iPhone activities.

Step 2: Now, add iCloud login credentials using the targeted user. Make sure you have the iCloud backup feature on the targeted device & the two-step authentication has been disabled on the phone. These credentials are necessary to access the phone without touching it.

Step 3: Enter and verify the iCloud ID to start tracking. Go to the dashboard to teach the iOS activities secretly.

Features of FoneMonitor SMS Monitoring

Track Text Messages Secretly

It helps to remotely view the messages, which means you do not need to touch the phone in order to read the texts, view MMS or iMessage. Although sending SMS is not so common these days but still in the absence of the internet, people prefer sending texts to exchange certain information or deliver some important message.

With FoneMonitor, you can view everything your kid is discussing on the text messages, including the information of the sender, the time when the message was sent or received, along with that day and date. You can also view the contact information of the sender from the dashboard.

No rooting and jailbreaking

This app is very easy to use and involves no rocket science. You do not need to hire professionals to assess your kid’s messages. It is because there is no rooting for jailbreaking required to read the private messages.

This app is designed using the latest technology, making it possible to access all the information, including the social media applications, location, call history, browser history as well as the OTP they are receiving on their phone.


In this modern age of digital technology, where it is very easy to assess anything on the internet, including different messaging applications, video content or written articles, it is very important to keep an eye on your child’s phone activity.

Knowing what your child is doing for the people he is associated with is your right. FoneMonitor is a monitor app that gives you peace of mind by providing you the information about every single thing the child is doing on his phone.

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