How Much Does It Cost To Build A Medical Mobile App In 2022?

Technologies have become an integral part of our life and business. Due to Covid-19 pandemic there was a boom in e-platform development, especially in medical mobile app development. The reasons are manifold. Firstly, such applications help people get first medical help timely, take control over some chronic conditions, make money transactions and even get prescriptions. All these facts make healthcare app building extremely appealing to business owners. For such people the most urgent question is how much does it cost to build a healthcare app?

And it is quite baffling to answer. In this article we will estimate the cost of developing mobile applications, especially healthcare ones. However, you must understand that we can’t tell you the precise sum of money, since it depends on a number of factors and functions which your application will comprise. Our objective is to make you understand why medical app development isn’t cheap.

What influences the cost of a health app?

It is essential to emphasize that all our estimates are based only on our experience and that the final cost may slightly differ. Since healthcare mobile application development is our main focus we will pay attention to its peculiarities.

There are several principal aspects that influence the cost of any app. Firstly, you need to understand what you already have and what must be done. What features and functions must be added to achieve your purpose? Making a list of them is a great idea.

Secondly, some people need to develop a few apps, for example, doctor side and patient side ones. Sometimes a business owner needs not only an app, but also a website. It makes health app developers devote more time to your product building and it will be more expensive for you.

You must also understand that it is cheaper to build a cross-platform app than a native one. The final cost will also depend on the complexity of app design and the chosen team. Will you apply to a healthcare app development company or hire freelancers? The more popular the company is, the more it will cost you. However, in such a way you can feel more secure and do not waste time on looking for freelancers on the Internet.

The process of mobile health app development?

To estimate the cost we must understand the whole process of healthcare app development. There are a number of specialists working on this product. During UX/UI workshops clients explain their requirements and expectations. On this stage a team advises on the app development frameworks, creates some prototypes and estimates the cost of a particular mobile application.

After it the app’s aesthetic side is prepared and planned. Specialists take into account colour, user experience, fonts, and other aspects which may influence the attractiveness of the end product. The more sophisticated style you expect, the higher the cost will be. However, it is a bad idea to save money on this aspect. Poor quality apps definitely won’t go viral and have very little chances to succeed.

When the cross-platform (if needed) is chosen and the development process is done, it comes to another pivotal stage. All functions are being tested and checked. It is performed to prevent bugs and make the app work run smoothly.

Moreover, this step includes the security assurance. Since healthcare apps contain a lot of personal information, it is crucial to make it secure and resistant to data leakages, identity frauds and other hackers’ activities. The next stage is the most pleasant one – the product’s release.

However, the cost may be reduced by hiring an offshore team. People from Eastern Europe ask for lower charges. It doesn’t mean that the quality suffers. It is determined just by the level of a country’s economic prosperity.

Features all healthcare apps must have

We must understand that there are basic and additional features. The more complex functions we include to our app, the more costly it will be. Moreover, the digital healthcare industry requires some extra expenses for better data security and integration with GPS as well as a range of wearables.

Basic functions include login, social media integration, personal pages with all necessary information. Then an administration panel is also needed. It enables data analytics, customer support and content management.

To make the users life easier push notifications are a must-have! Another additional and useful function includes payment facilities. Financial transactions may be used for covering insurance or healthcare services expenditures.   Messaging and video call systems are other popular functions. It enables real-time communication and assistance, however requires higher investments.

There are also some functions that are common especially to the healthcare sector. Among them the ability to integrate applications with other medical devices and wearables.

Automation of some processes also will add to the price of your app. However, they make the user’s life much easier thanks to reminders about medication, tracking incidents or giving reports on the overall health condition.

Cost estimates

You may wonder but to build a mobile app you must hire a range of experts. The number of professionalists depends on each separate project, however we may talk about the average scenario.

Project manager or scrum master is a person who provides effective communication between health app developers and business owners. They also organize workflow and settle urgent issues.

UX/UI designers are also of crucial importance. They create the visual image of your application. These people build graphical elements, interface and make everything to engage new clients in terms of visual appealingness.

Then it comes to developers: front-end and backend ones. Moreover, depending on the chosen cross-platform framework you will be required to hire programmers with some particular skills and knowledge. QA engineers prevent bugs and provide the code quality and security.

To make you understand the average cost we will give you some basic work estimation:

  • Project manager (senior) – $65,00 per hour;
  • IT architect (expert) – $77,00 per hour;
  •  UX/UI designer (senior) – $65,00 per hour;
  • Android developer (senior) – $65,00 per hour;
  • iOS developer (senior) – $65,00 per hour;
  • Backend developer (senior) – $65,00 per hour;
  • Frontend developer (senior) – $65,00 per hour;
  • QA engineer (senior) – $65,00 per hour.

You must remember that there are 3 categories of experts: regular, senior and experts. We have given the average prices. The cost of your healthcare app will depend on the number of hours needed for app building processes. The average price is reported to be nearly $700 000,00.

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