Must-have Gadgets for Graphic Designers 2021

The graphic design field is rapidly evolving. While before, designers depended on pen and paper to bring their concepts to life. Now technology has made everything so much easier.

The design process requires speed while ensuring efficiency. Anything that goes towards helping the creative process is a huge bonus.

Our article will look at must-have gadgets for graphic designers in 2021. Let’s dive into it.

1. Sketchbook and Pencil

Technology is good and has brought amazing gadgets for graphic designers. However, creatives will always need a sketchbook and pencil. Anytime you get a fantastic idea, you can quickly whip them out and jot down your ideas.

You do not need to power anything on and wait for the applications to load. Ideas can pop up anytime, and you need to put them down on paper before they evaporate.

2. Laptop or Tablet

A graphic designer needs to be able to work on the go. A desktop computer provides functionality, but you cannot lug it around with you everywhere. Laptops and computers allow for portability.

Due to the small size, the graphic designer can easily slip it into his backpack and move around. Working in transit becomes easy because they do not take up too much space. You don’t even need a desk to work.

When choosing an ideal laptop for graphic designers or even tablets, it is vital to pay attention to specific considerations. It should be high-performing and have sufficient space for storage.

Designers deal with heavy files that can consume a lot of space. Fortunately, with internet connectivity, the designers can use Cloud storage. It helps free up space so that it does not affect the performance of the laptop or tablet.

3. Monitor and Monitor Calibration

Many graphic designers will buy a monitor because they allow for a clear presentation of the artwork. High-resolution monitors are a good investment, although they may be a bit costly.

Good screen size should typically range from 27 to 32 inches. However, no one size fits all because everyone has their unique requirements. Pay attention to the color and grayscale accuracy and the pixels. For the latter, the higher, the better.

The monitor calibration gives you greater control over colors. What you see on the screen may be different from the final printout. With calibration, what you see is what you get in the final output.

You may also want to invest in color space reference. It helps ensure rendering position and color accuracy.

You may have heard of the Pantone matching system as one of the main color references. The other brands you can opt for include Color Bridge Set, Formula Guide, or mini swatches.

4. Mouse

Design work requires precision and accuracy. Sometimes you may not be able to achieve all that with the touchpad. That is why many designers still opt to have a mouse as a must-have gadget.

You will find those that are specific to graphic design work. Some are so accurate that you can stop the action on a single pixel. Others are so fast that in a second, you can scroll over 1000 lines. Choose those that keep a charge for a long time and allow you to work with different design platforms comfortably. Pick out a mouse with a DPI (dots per inch) that you’re comfortable with. The higher the DPI value, the more sensitive it is to your movements.

5. Stylus or Touchscreen Pen

A stylus or touch screen pen is a personal preference for the designer. It helps with efficiency because you can draw directly on the screen. The graphic designer gets more precision, just like you would when using the notepad. It also allows you to simulate real drawings, thus bringing back authenticity to the creative process.

The advantage is everything is in digital format. Once you finish with the sketch, recently upload it. It frees you from having to recreate everything using digital software.

6. Smartphone, Gimbal, and Camera

Smartphones are ideal gadgets because they provide so many functionalities. Graphic designers must communicate with clients. You can also send and receive emails or even record conversations.

With internet connectivity, you can access files that are on the cloud. Web designers will also find smartphones very useful. When working on mobile optimization, you get to see how the design renders on the device.

The camera is critical for times when the graphic designer will need to take photos or videos. It is an essential part of creative work. Instead of using stock photos, you can take your pictures.

When shopping for a smartphone, it pays to buy one with a good camera. Even if you do not have your camera with you, you can continue taking pictures or recording videos.

Invest in a Gimbal that acts as a tripod. You get stability when taking pictures. You can also pitch, roll and yaw if you need to take different angles.

7. Hard Drive

Graphic designers have multiple storage options available. You can use your laptop or desktop computer storage.

Cloud storage also provides excellent functionality. But, a hard drive gives you that extra assurance that your files are safe. Determine the amount of storage you want. You can find some within the range of 2 TB to 8 TB.

Look for one with rugged construction to handle the constant movement that comes with travel. It should also be water, dust, and crush resistant.

Budget allowing, you can go for the SSD or solid-state drives. They are simple to use due to the plug-and-play features and are very fast.

Final Thoughts

Technology is here to make life easy. Graphic designers have so many options with must-have gadgets. We have highlighted some of them above.

Before you go out shopping, determine what your needs are. Do not buy a product because a friend or colleague has the same. You have your own unique requirements, which may be very different from someone else’s.

Next, it is important to do proper research on the different brands available. Pay attention to customer reviews so that you know what you are getting. Think about what you buy as an investment. Look for high-quality, durable products that will give you long-term usage.

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