Navigating the Future: Australian Online Casinos and the Proposed Ad Ban


Australians are famous for their love of the outdoors and passionate sporting culture, but they have also shown great interest in online casinos. A national survey reveals that almost three-quarters (73%) of the adult population engaged in gambling and betting activities in the course of a year, with 38% doing so weekly.

Given the substantial proportion of the population playing at online casinos, the matter is increasingly coming under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies.

In response to the rising issues over the societal effects of iGaming, a parliamentary committee has proposed a ban on all of Australia’s gambling adverts within the next three years. If the government implements the advertising ban, it will have significant consequences for the industry’s marketing strategies. 

What the Advertising Ban Entails  

The proposed ban on gambling adverts will be implemented in several stages over the next three years, firstly, putting a stop to ads on social media and online platforms. One of the primary concerns of the committee lies in the strategic placement of online gambling advertisements alongside sports events. Moreover, these ads must be taken down from time slots and locations where children can readily view them before a complete ban is implemented. 

By eliminating the constant exposure to this kind of advertisement, the government aims to protect vulnerable demographics and the integrity of sports. The 3-year-long approach will provide sufficient time for sports teams and broadcasters to find alternative sources of sponsorship and for online gaming platforms to reevaluate their marketing strategies. 

Rethinking Online Casinos Marketing Strategies

Online casinos and sportsbooks must develop new ideas and alternative ways to reach their target audience to navigate this regulatory change. They must embrace these responsible marketing practices and still find ways to attract players and promote their products. The following tactics for promoting gaming platforms can help navigate the ban.

A Well-Designed Platform

With more players now opting to utilize new technologies and mobile devices for accessing online casinos, a well-designed website makes a huge difference in player attraction and retention. Operators should ensure their site is easy to navigate by Aussie players by introducing dropdown menus and various search options. Finding the right game within seconds or the right sports match during live play is a major advantage for punters.  

Search Engine Optimization

Online casinos can optimize their platforms to rank higher in searches by utilizing keywords in various sections of the website. A skilled SEO engineer can use algorithms that match players’ look-ups, making the website more visible in web searches.

Better Bonuses and Promotions

Players constantly seek attractive bonuses, and offering more generous and varied incentives can add to players’ satisfaction. Operators should reward new and existing punters with free spins and games or raise the deposit-matching percentages. These types of promotions are a direct way of increasing player enjoyment and engagement with the platform.  

Extensive Games Library

The range of games can be a competitive advantage in the Australian online casino market. Besides the classic casino games, operators should provide new, thrilling games, including Australia’s most popular online casino game categories, such as pokies with multiple reels. Branded slots are highly appealing to all generations, and adding the latest games can help retain players and attract new ones.    

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing provides a chance to connect to other platforms and comply with the proposed ban simultaneously. Affiliate programs will drive traffic to the online casino and help it reach a wider audience without additional investments or fear of losses. 

Email Marketing

This is another affordable strategy that helps operators reach many potential players. However, they must be careful not to target problem gamblers. It requires compiling an email database and creating informative and attractive content for the newsletters that are sent to players on a regular basis. Operators can include information about new games, upcoming tournaments, and attractive promotions.  

Reviews and Case Studies

When visiting online forums about iGaming, Australian punters can find a lot of information about different online casinos through reviews and comments by other players. Satisfied players will likely mention bonuses, game selection, and customer support as the main advantages of a successful online gaming platform.  


The parliamentary committee’s recommendations to prohibit gambling and betting advertising show the country’s dedication to protecting minors from exposure to iGaming and curbing unfavorable outcomes of such activities. If this proposal receives a green light, it will force the industry to develop different marketing strategies to attract and retain Australian punters.

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