Non-Profit Email Marketing Best Practices

As a non-profit organization who always checks for ways to find the most supportive donors and modest donations from the public, email marketing can be a double-edged sword with daunting or success stories. While your potential donor receives tons of emails a day, how can yours stand out among the crowd?

Are there highly effective email marketing strategies for non-profit orgs? How can you convince and convert an email to a potential donation? Do you need to follow specific steps when sending emails?

The long lists of questions will continue, and before you know it, another day has passed, and you haven’t taken any actions. We’ll teach you the most excellent practices for non-profit email marketing. Once you’ve finished reading this article, your emails are one step closer to getting notice and an increased conversion rate.

Is Email Marketing Effective For Non-Profit Organizations?

Email marketing is one of the best strategies that instantly convert potential leads to sales. It’s highly effective in almost any digital marketing business. Its high success rate is also transitioning the world of nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Most volunteers, donors, and potential donations often get their updates through emails from nonprofit groups. Since email is the most effective method of generating contributions, you can reconsider using specific software. For instance, GetResponse pricing plans service comes in various options suitable both for businesses and nonprofit organizations. They offer exclusive discounts on your preferred packages to meet your company’s current needs.

  • It enables you to own the list of sponsors you have and generate donations with an effective marketing strategy.
  • Email marketing is your best platform for building trust, clarifying any misunderstanding, and providing accountability through reports and fund transparency. This process makes your credibility as an organization.
  • It allows you to improve your fan base or followers, especially when combined with popular social media channels.
  • It improves your current list of sponsors or donors through unmetered lead magnets, subscription forms, or newsletter followers. This method increases your chance to generate potential sponsor count.

Best Practices For Non-Profit Email Marketing

Timing is one of the essential secrets to successful email marketing, especially with non-profit organizations. We’ve compiled the best practices you can use to effectively and efficiently use email marketing to generate new sponsors and improve your conversion rate.

Here’s what you need to remember.

Build A Solid Email Subscriber’s List

To effectively generate more donations and sponsors is to first build a good number of followers as part of your subscription/newsletter list. A good email marketing plan begins in creating a healthy list of followers.

  • Determine your target audience and work on this area.
  • Provide valuable content, always.
  • Create a compelling lead magnet plan (free giveaways to all email subscribers).

Avoid being In the Spam Folder

To prevent your emails from going down the potential donor’s spam folder, you need to determine spam messages’ rules. Create a personalized email that perfectly combines other emails from family, friends, work, and the likes to guarantee an open rate.

Warm Welcome Emails

It’s an imperative way to provide the warmest welcome for new email subscribers. Welcome emails allow you to build your organization’s story while connecting with potential donors.

Emails That Tells A Story

Providing a heartwarming story is one of the central features of a non-profit organization’s email marketing strategy. Having a reader emotionally inclined with your group’s vision allows potential donors to donate sooner.

Statistically-Based/Number Emails

The Subject line of your email must be different from the traditional style. You can include statistics and numbers to grab your reader’s attention.

Updates And Thank You Emails

Providing updates and ‘thank you’ emails are some of the best tools that improve donation drive. Your sponsor will surely appreciate them being part of the organization, and in return, they’ll tend to donate again.

Emails For The Holidays

One of the best ways to send emails with matching donation options is during holidays. There are also effective ways to create a donation drive instead of sending gifts during special occasions or celebrations.

Surveys And Question Emails

To keep your email subscribers engaged with the organization’s happening, best to understand their preference by asking questions or sending survey forms. You’ll have a better understanding to meet their interest.

Consider Sending Short Emails

Sometimes you don’t need to send long ‘boring’ emails. Short, accurate, and detailed emails are better not just for you but with your readers too.

Emails Of A Success Story For Motivation

Provide your email list, potential donors, and organization sponsors of your group’s success stories and contributions. With success tales that are highlighted builds your organization’s credibility.


As a non-profit organization seeking to find better ways to increase and improve donations, drive, and donors, email marketing is an effective method to incorporate in your organization. It may take some time to grow your leads and convert them, but you indeed can have a higher success rate with the best practices.

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