Now is the time to rent hosting with VPS! Why?

Imagine: Zhora’s online store is slow and often unresponsive. All due to the fact that once Zhora decided to save money and placed his website on a shared server – on the same hosting that several large-scale Internet projects also use.

As Zhora’s store grows by leaps and bounds, it needs more resources. If these resources are not enough, Zhora will begin to lose both money and clients.

Sounds familiar? Any generic server can cause such gaps. It’s called “common” for a reason. And if you do not want to share, for your project you need to rent a VPS server and switch to a profitable hosting in Ukraine!

Hosting rental in the USA: when should I switch to VPS?

When you can afford it. If you have a profitable project, it cannot depend on factors beyond your control. So, to be sure of its success, switch to VPS as soon as you can.

And if we take money out of the equation, you should switch when your site starts to slow down. Or when he reaches the limits on the tariff.

IMPORTANT: do not wait until the last second – then you will have to hurry with the translation, which is not easy in itself. The best way to do this is to move to a new server a couple of weeks before you hit your cap.

Why switch to VPS?

You should switch to a VPS because a private server gives you more resources than your shared hosting.

And, most importantly, a private server guarantees the availability of these resources. That is why any successful project sooner or later switches to VPS. Here are 5 reasons to switch:

Guaranteed Resources
Each VPS server has a guaranteed amount of resources. No more, no less. No one else has access to these resources, which means you can easily run heavy projects.

Dedicated IP
On shared hosting, you will need to share your IP. And the problem is not that the bandwidth may not be enough for everyone. If your “neighbor” sent spam and was banned by Gmail, it’s easier to buy a new IP or forget about sending mail altogether – the search engine will block your IP. This won’t happen on a private server.

More possibilities
Many web applications simply cannot run from a shared server – they need superuser rights, which only administrators have. For example, you cannot host a VPN on shared hosting.

But on a VPS, you have superuser rights, so just install the necessary software and the web applications you need. Deploy a VPN, your personal file storage, a music streaming service, a Plex server, or a Node.js development environment.

By renting a server:, you can even install Windows and run applications from it – for example, game servers

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