What is the Online Casino KYC Procedure – The Complete guide

Players can now log in to online casinos to play their favorite slot games, Live Roulette, blackjack, and many others. It is as easy as accessing a laptop or mobile device and signing up for an online casino. However, many gamblers can find the initial experience process of creating an account a little daunting.

Whether players have played in land-based casinos for years or a novice in the online casino world, the process of verifying details are the same. KYC, also known as the Know Your Customer Verification process, is a serious legal requirement for all casinos.

Gamblers encounter this hurdle when withdrawing money. It is no surprise that some customers think of the process as a delay tactic from casinos trying to cheat them of their cash. However, it is not the case. Below is the KYC procedure for online casinos that gamblers should know.

What are the Casino Requirements for Identity Verification

KYC procedures are a mandatory part of the anti-money laundering regulations. Jurisdictions have varying regulatory guidance. However, they all expect customers’ identity to be verified accurately and correctly.

Because of these varying jurisdictions, there are no standardized documents for customer verification. However, they indicate documents necessary for ID verification. There are three types of acceptable documentation:

Standard Proof of Identity Documents which include:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Government Issued ID
  • Voter’s Identity Card
  • Bank Passbook with a photograph
  • Employee Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • University Card

Address Proof

  • Utility Bill with players name and address
  • Bank Statement
  • House deed
  • Lease agreement including three months receipt 

Banking Method and Proof of Ownership

  • Credit card showing the first and last digits
  • Banks letterhead with the account number
  • Banking statement for three months
  • Sort code for bank transactions 

Step By Step Casino KYC Verification Process

Below is the process players go through during the KYC procedure.

  1. Online Casino Selection: Players should read through reviews and the casino’s terms and conditions before deciding to sign up.
  2. Starting the registration process: Gamblers need to fill in personal information in this section. It includes the name, date of birth, contact details such as the phone number, email address, physical address, and gender. In some countries such as the UK, players need to fil in their occupation.
  3. The KYC procedure: Notably, this procedure will differ from one casino to the other. Players can automatically access this process after signing up, while in others, players need to look for that section.
  4. Photograph the KYC documents. Players should ensure the photos taken are very clear by excluding any external details in the background but capturing the entire document. Additionally, image size restrictions need to be met when submitting the document, whether uploading them via on-site software or sending an email.
  5. Submit the details via the on-site KYC software or send them to the provided casino’s email address.
  6. Wait for verification feedback. Generally, the provided waiting time for many online casinos is 24 hours. However, some may have a longer verification duration of two to three working days. Gamblers can contact customer care to know the specific waiting duration as it is rarely indicated on the terms and conditions.
  7. Feedback: The online casino will communicate once the verification is complete. Remember, there may be a requirement for additional KYC check requests, especially during withdrawal or deposits.
  8. Additional KYC documents: Scan or take clear photographs of these documents and upload them through the provided method. Notably, players who accumulate amounts in their accounts or win a jackpot need to provide additional documents according to the regulations.
  9. Change of Relevant details: Gamblers should always inform the casino when relevant details change. They can choose the ‘Edit Profile’ feature or contact the Customer Care team.

Benefits of KYC Verification

Though players can find this process daunting, it has various benefits. They include:

Preventing Underage Gambling

Gambling should strictly be reserved for adults, and children should not be exposed to this practice. Adults understand the way casinos run and know that it may not be a realistic career option. KYC procedure ensures only adults are gambling in these online casinos.

Anti-money Laundering Requirement

Money laundering supports and funds criminal activities by making illegal funds legitimate. Online gambling companies are a big target for these groups. KYC regulations help stop this problem by sporting suspicious activities.

Curbing a Gambling Problem

Regulators understand there is a presence of problem gamblers in society, and they should be protected. Limiting their access to gambling as much as possible is one of the ways of doing so. The KYC process prevents such by requesting proof of funds for gamblers. They also give out surveys to help identify this group.

Data Safety in Online Casinos

It is natural for gamblers to wonder if the information they have provided in casinos is safe. Online casinos are required to follow privacy laws that protect customer information. However, players should do a few things to ascertain the safety of their information.

  • Play in licensed and accredited casinos.
  • Use sites that allow the upload of information from the internal software through their accounts.
  • Never upload the back picture of their credit card.
  • Hide the middle 8 digits of the credit card.


The KYC procedure is an inconvenience to the players for obvious reasons. However, knowing its purpose allows players to go through this painstaking process without many complaints. Furthermore, knowing the procedure makes it easy for the player to have all the required information handy. Notably, KYC helps in preventing identity theft and other benefits.

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