PitchGround: The Best Place To Launch Your Software (Honest Review)

In a competitive world such as this, it is easy to go unnoticed. With tight competitors in the market, it can be a cumbersome task to show your product off to the world. There are many ways that you can show your product off online, since the advent of digital marketing it has become a lot easier for people to show their product off to the world at large and there are companies and platforms that help in bridging the gap between new software application makers and early adopters. Pitchground is one such company that bridges the gap between the two and they do this by creating an interactive community of experts on the subject.

PitchGround: What do They Do?

There are a lot of software developing companies out there who are creating innovative new products that are dedicated to solving problems of great importance. PitchGround looks for such innovative software developing companies and helps them market their product. Their education-based approach helps in creating awareness through webinars, videos, blog posts, etc.

PitchGround has succeeded in creating a quite strong tech community that helps small software businesses solve all the problems and challenges they face, and through interactions design solutions. PitchGround has proved to be a great place for new businesses to test out the software applications used by successful businesses, providing a straightforward knowledge-sharing forum and helping to improve the overall industry.

A Brief History

PitchGround was started on 25th September 2018 and they started with only one main objective in mind, that was to help SaaS companies and online companies obtain a great amount of growth together. They exist to help developers, companies, businesses, and solopreneurs develop their online business with the aid of software and the first-class education-based approach.

Need For PitchGround

The founders of PitchGround noticed that there were a lot of SaaS start-ups who came up with some of the most innovative products but couldn’t a breakthrough in the market for various reasons such as shortage of funds, outreach, and marketing. Then there were agencies, entrepreneurs, employees and many other individuals who were desperately in need of such innovative products and tools to help them in their business but haven’t been able to acquire it yet due to various reasons.

This is where PitchGround comes into play, they are the bridge between SaaS companies and other companies that require innovative tools. PitchGround connects these two industries together. Founders get early adopters and receive their first investment setup while consumers use tools for a lifetime with a one-time investment or on an annual basis at a low cost that would ultimately help them grow and improve their business and reduce the burden by automating the software.


PitchGround is also known for the benefits they have to offer to everyone

New Product

If you have a new product that you want to launch, PitchGround is one of the best places to do it because of its large community. The community is extremely interactive and they are spread across various industries which furthermore widens the reach. Also, they are in continuous search of new products that are focused on giving creative solutions to important problems.

Small Businesses

The Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace of PitchGround has a wide range of products that can help you grow your company at a great speed. The products at PitchGround are relatively new and are used by successful startups all across the globe, this helps small companies optimize their business processes by allowing them to look at how other companies use the software and helping them adopt similar techniques.

Why Choose PitchGround?

Listed below are the reason why you should choose PitchGround


PitchGround carefully curates the goods on its page and makes sure they are of good quality before they are offered to users. These products should solve difficult problems and should be considered as critical components of a business run.

Interactive Community

The PitchGround community is also highly interactive as well as having an active userbase, this can help startups enter discussions that can help them grow.

Active Userbase

PitchGround has an active user base of 10,000 + customers who are constantly in search of new and innovative SaaS products, making your product more visible to a wide community.

Exclusive Deals Available

On the PitchGround website, there is a range of exclusive deals and discounts which can help entrepreneurs obtain the tools they need to scale up their businesses.

Education-Centric Approach

PitchGround is looking to educate its community about the products available on its platform. It helps companies to make informed decisions before they buy a product.


PitchGround is much more than just a SaaS marketplace. It is a place where businesses grow and become more productive. The education-first approach to the business is what sets it apart.

PitchGround answers small business issues and provides them with the software solutions they need, presenting them with the best results through knowing the companies of their clients in detail. This first approach to education has helped hundreds of small businesses expand by investing the least amount of resources which is one of the most important things for small businesses.

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