Is it possible to determine whether a website can be trusted?

The Internet can be considered as a gold mine of information. Only a few years ago it was virtually impossible to imagine that literally all the human knowledge and tons of other useful information could be available with only one click. Now thanks to mobile devices, all this information is also available from the palm of the hand. Other sorts of sites have appeared too, which are mostly entertainment services aimed at providing its users the chance to spend some great time, while also having the chance to win some prizes. One of them is Parimatch, which will be the focus of this article.

However, before examining Parimatch in more detail, it should be mentioned that unfortunately the Internet has also come with its own drawbacks. There are tons of fraudulent sites that can cause a lot of problems to the people who fall victim to them. Bookmakers tend to be one of the favorite kinds of sites that all sorts of wrong doing individuals tend to impersonate. For this reason, this article will also discuss how to make sure that no person reading this article will become another victim of those cybercriminals.

Services offered by Parimatch

As one of the leading bookmakers in the industry, it is pretty obvious that one of the services offered by Parimatch are sports wagers. In this website it is possible to place wagers on many sports. These disciplines can result quite appealing to even the most demanding sport fans.

Going into specifics, people who visit this site can encounter disciplines such as Football, Tennis, American Football, eSports, Motor sports, and much more. It is fair to say that virtually any sport that can be thought of will be available for placing wagers at Parimatch.

There are two main ways at which people can place their wagers. Those are the classical pre-match bets, and also the live wagers. These classical pre-match wagers are what most people associate with sports gambling. In this case people simply attempt to guess what the final result or the winner of a contest will be.

On the other hand, the live wagers are an interesting variety of sport gambling that bring a new and unique twist to this highly exciting activity. In this case, rather than gambling for the winner of a contest before it begins, people will be asked to guess about individual occurrences that take place during a sports contest. In football for example, people may be asked to guess who will be the next goalscorer, who will receive the next yellow card or red card and much more.

These features are properly supplemented with the fantastic Parimatch live streamings. These are broadcasts available for a nice selection of events. Players may elect to employ them in order to improve their live betting chances, or for simply relaxing and enjoying a great sports show. In any case, those streamings are available for free for anybody who owns an account at this place. This is certainly a fantastic incentive for signing up.

But that’s not all, because one of the best online casinos on the entire Internet can be enjoyed from Parimatch too. Every single game that can be encountered at this place has been designed by some of the most respected and famous studios of this realm. This means that users will encounter forms of entertainment with the best possible quality, and also the best possible gameplay.

Here people can find the things that they would usually encounter at a normal land-based casino. In other words, some of the games that can be played from this place include:

  • Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Video poker
  • Blackjack
  • Lotteries

All these games are available from both the desktop website and also the mobile platforms. This means that no matter from which platform someone wants to access, a great experience is assured for all users.

Can Parimatch be trusted?

This is a question that many people make not only about Parimatch, but about all bookmakers that exist out there. It is impossible to speak for all bookmakers at once. However, when speaking about Parimatch and other important players in this market, it can be absolutely stated that they are an absolutely trustworthy company.

And it is not necessary to believe in the company’s word to ensure that this is really the case, after all, any business, good or bad, will try to look as something great. However, in the case of Parimatch, its reputation has been externally validated.

As there are many sites that intend to trick people by making them think that they are legit portals, when they actually are not, and in the process, they manage to steal money and information from the victims. Real bookmakers attempt to avoid this unfortunate reputation by requesting to be certified by external entities. There are many organizations that make a thorough examination of the websites who request to be certified, and if they comply with a set of very strict security and privacy aspects, they will be granted a seal of approval.

Probably the most well-known organization that does this kind of job is eCOGRA. This means that when seeing the eCOGRA logo when accessing Parimatch or any other bookmaker, the user can rest assured that it is an absolutely trustworthy entity, and that they don’t have anything to worry about when making use of its services.

What users can do to ensure that they are not being tricked?

As introduced, one of the best things that users can do to avoid the horrible experience of being victim of a scan, is ensuring that the website where they are signing up complies with the security and privacy standards set by organizations such as eCOGRA. Also, most governments require bookmakers to comply with a series of laws that ensure that their operation is absolutely transparent and legal. As an example, when attempting to withdraw cash from a bookmaker, every serious portal, including of course Parimatch, will ask the user to submit a proof of identity. This normally consists of a document, such as a driver’s license, bank statement, utility bill, passport or ID card, which proves that the information that an user submitted when signing up is true.

It is understandable that people may have privacy concerns. However, submitting these proofs of identity is essential to ensure that platforms like this are not being used for criminal activity. For this reason, whenever a player is asked for a proof of identity, he or she can rest assured that the company that is asking for this is working in an absolutely serious, secure and transparent manner.

It should be noted that many serious bookmakers are doing lots of things in order to be recognized as serious entities. For example, considering that unfortunately millions around the world suffer from some form of gambling addiction, many portals are implementing responsible gambling policies. They range from purely informational aspects, to concrete features that help the user to stop reckless and potentially irresponsible behavior.

One of the most common features that bookmakers have implemented to tackle this problem includes establishing betting limits. As the name suggests, this option gives the player a chance to put a maximum limit to the amount that they wager during a given period of time, such as a week or a month. If this limit is reached, the user will not be able to add more funds to his or her account.

Another feature that more and more bookmakers are rolling out is the self-suspension of the account. As its name suggests, this corresponds to a possibility that users have of requesting a temporary locking of the account, in case they think that their gambling actions are going out of control, and that they are seriously compromising their finances. Once this self-suspension is requested, the user will be unable to access the account for a given period of time. The only way to revert this is by contacting customer support.

Closing remarks

In conclusion, bookmakers are platforms that can offer users the possibility to have tons of fun, and of course have the chance to win interesting prizes. However, as with anything in life, everything must be handled in a responsible manner. If something seems too good to be true, most likely it is. For this reason, it is essential to play only with certified bookmakers, which have been audited and certified by external entities.

Also, it is important to pay attention to the extra features that most bookmakers offer, such as the aforementioned responsible gambling aspects. Fake bookmakers would never implement something like this, so this is another way of making sure that someone is interacting with a real portal. So, it is absolutely possible to win and have fun, but it is also important to always be on the defensive and look out for possible scams.

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