Premium vs Cheap VPNs: The Key Differences

Why do you need to pay for a premium service when you can get something for free? While it’s a no-brainer question, the answer varies on what benefit is that. Virtual Private Network (VPN) acts as a powerful shield against cyber threats, cyber crimes, protection against hackers, third-party groups, government surveillance, and unblocking geo-restricted streaming services.

Those are some of the benefits you can get with VPN service solutions. Free VPNs continue to grow their popularity, but premium ones are top-notched when it comes to guaranteed security. Millions of average internet explorers believe that free Best VPN is more than enough to secure them against cyber threats. These services don’t ask anything but to keep them logged in when you explore the world wide web.

By using a premium VPN, you get two major benefits. For starters, you get an increasingly safe and secure network connection that protects your personal identity and other credentials. Secondly, you get fast speeds which can be particularly helpful when you are looking to download content from sites like the pirate bay.

While they can be enticing, you might get shocked by how they can offer ‘free‘ services while at some providers, you need to pay for it. Free VPNs are risky; they are a significant threat not just to your digital footprint but with your overall privacy. This curated list of best cheap VPN available gives you an option to step out of danger without breaking the bank. Several premium or paid VPNs offer affordable features with high-end security compared to free versions.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about these solutions and why you need to avoid one and reconsider the other.

What Does Premium VPN Mean?

Premium or paid VPN is a solution that enables you to access extensive virtual locations and networks around the globe with total security against threats, hackers, or surveillance. It’s a service that masks your true identity and lets you blend in the crowd and protects anonymity.

Paid VPN has robust data encryption and features that grants you access to even restricted sites and streaming services. There are tons of benefits you can get with VPNs, including:

  • Keeps anonymity
  • Access remote network or services
  • Unblock or Bypass restrictions
  • Protects sensitive and personal files
  • Affordable for its robust features
  • It improves internet connectivity and performance
  • It enhances security against threats, hackers, and malware

With paid or premium VPNs, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll always have the most excellent security and features. Whether you want to access regionally restricted streaming services, safely download torrents, bypass restrictions, or enjoy total security, then opt for premium VPNs only.

Issues With Free VPNs

Security is the number one issue when it comes to free VPNs. While they offer the same (almost the same) features as premium VPNs, security levels dramatically vary. A VPN service is a business that protects its consumers.

Free VPNs don’t ask any monetary fee for using their services only because it generates its expenses from the users. Your data, logging details, online activities, and the likes are used by these service providers and sell them to third-party groups. Most free VPNs can offer limited features that you can have with premium services.

Though free VPN is widely-used, the threats are so massive that they are not recommended for privacy use.

Differences Between Premium VPN and Free VPN

Free VPNs can entice you with tons of features without subscription fees. Premium VPNs are top-rated services known to provide extreme protection against malware, threats, and the likes. So what’s the difference?

Security and Privacy

Paid VPN takes privacy into the highest level and ensures your protection is top-notched. Premium VPNs provide the latest powerful encryptions and security to keep their subscriber’s identity, privacy, and data security.

Free VPN’s known issue is poor security and compromised privacy. They offer bypass features against government restrictions and do not care about you.


When it comes to privacy and security, premium VPNs are known to provide high-end quality servers with tons of gateways to select. Paid VPN servers offer excellent performance, guaranteed uptime, and outstanding user experience. Should there be any issues, these providers, resolve them fast.

Free VPNs servers are corrupt, and security is unstable. Your privacy is compromised, and you are prone to potential cyber threats and hacks. If you experience any downtime, it can take hours to days until everything gets fixed.

Bandwidth Limit and Speed

High-speed guaranteed connectivity with robust security—that’s what you can expect with premium solutions. Unlike Free VPNs, your bandwidth is limited and restricts you from going full speed.

Encryption Level

Paid VPNs used military-grade encryptions to ensure you get the best service and private connectivity.

Free VPNs don’t use strong encryptions, which is why your vulnerability is at risk every time you browse. Hackers can quickly get through your systems and check your files, data, and privacy.

Available Secured Servers

Paid VPN comes in a considerable number of secured servers to ensure optimum user experience and protection. While free VPNs have limited servers that are not guaranteed and result in poor connectivity.

Adware and Malware

Premium service has no adware or malware embedded in its source code. It’s guaranteed private internet connectivity with disruptions and no logs policy. Free VPNs are known to have adware and malware included in the source code. They monitor all your internet activity and keep a record of everything you do online.

Technical Support

Paid service offers excellent technical support that gets back to you immediately. Free VPNs do not have any technical support.


If you plan to use a VPN service, always opt for a paid service instead of free solutions to ensure security. There are cheap VPNs, to begin with, but have excellent privacy protection for peace of mind. Premium VPNs are known for their reliability and credibility when it comes to top-notch security.

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