What are the Most Prevalent SEO Mistakes, and How Can You Fix Them?

SEO probably the trickiest job to attend. Maintaining an optimal SEO practice can be difficult to achieve if you are on a mission in various areas to fix out the SEO mistakes properly. While maintaining the SEO, you might not get the desired result if you are continuously making the most common mistakes again and again. So how do you identify the mistakes and fix them to optimize your SEO properly? Have a look:

Mistakes related to links, headings, and markups:

The external links that you add to your page have a great impact on the SEO quality and the position of your site’s SERP. It influences the search engines to rate the profile of the link. In case there are any kind of bugs in the links, markups, or headings that you provide, there are possibilities to discourage your SEO ranking.

The markups and the headings come with various attributes that are important for marking the data structure of the page. They help the search engines to crawl and show the site properly. The errors that can come in the way are- mission of Twitter card markup, nofollow attributes or external links, doubling the H1 tag for the title. You can opt for the Best SEO Australia services to get proper SEO management.

HTTP status codes and AMP, content error:

The server response comes with the various HTTP status codes. The errors with the codes can create serious problems and affect the position of the SERP. The AMP works to accelerate the mobile optimization of the page. Thus the various mistakes that it can address are the 404 error codes, the mission of AMP, and the general contents.

The 404 error pages should be tagged with the 302 redirecting pages to help the users to reach out to relevant and useful content. Also, reduce the site loading time to improve the AMP of the site. Make sure your content has enough relevance and quality to secure a good rank.

Improper indexing:

The search engines look for the site about to index those. In case the site is closed for the indexing, the users are not going to find the site in the SERP. In case there are any canonical tags with different page reference iframe tags or non-indexed pages, then it can impose a problem.

Reduce the problematic areas to allow the crawlers to scroll smoothly on your site to get the proper indexing on SERP.

HTTPS certification:

Your site needs the proper security assurance, which improves the position of your site in the search engine. Thus the HTTPS certificate works as one of the important factors for improving the ranking with the assurance of security.

In case your website deals with personal information, then an HTTPSs certification is a must. The most common mistake area here is the referral of the HTTPS website to the HTTP. To boost your SEO, you must check on it.

Meta tags:

Meta tags are quite important areas to check on as they are not visible to the users of the website. It impacts the search engine by telling the purpose of your page and how your website takes part in creating the snippet. Meta tags are going to affect the ranking of your website. Errors with meta tags are thus going to disrupt the signal. This is why it is important to check the title length and description.


Checking on the most problematic areas of your SEO and solving them is the best way to resolve the SEO ranking related problems. Make sure your page loading time is not taking too many seconds as it can have a negative impact on ranking. Use the proper guides to resolve the various mistake areas.

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