The Process of 3D Animation

Creating animations is quite a difficult task. It can be ordered in unity 3d game development company.

In general, to designate the animation of volumetric models, it is customary to use the interpretation “automation of object movements”. In other words, we have the starting position of a certain figure, mechanism or character, which moves sequentially to the final point.

Car motion animation consists of wheel rotation and body movement

There are three ways to animate:

  1. The object moves without self-transformation. The most striking example can be considered a ball or ball flying along a trajectory from point A to point B: it changes its position in the coordinate system and can rotate, which is also included in this method, but its shape remains unchanged.
  2. Change of shape. Take any pulsating object such as a heart. It may not change its spatial coordinates, but pulsation implies dynamic deformation.
  3. Skeletal animation. As the name suggests, this type of animation is relevant in order to show the movement of characters with a skeleton. It is considered the most difficult in the methods of animation, but you cannot do without it if you want to create videos with the participation of people, animals or other creatures.

Since video can involve a wide variety of objects, 3D animation usually combines several ways. The more complex the animation, the more individual actions need to be performed in order to get a high-quality video.

So What Is 3D Animation?

Obviously, the possibilities of modern 3D animation allow us to offer the end consumer a variety of products – from short videos to full-length films or computer games for many hours of play. You can try to create elementary videos yourself, but professional work is a completely different level.

What’s the Difference between 2D and 3D anyway?

In order to surprise and attract a client in modern times, it is necessary not only to put all the information in a postcard with a beautiful picture or a business card. Presentations are very popular nowadays, so-called videos in the form of 3D animation. The video created by our masters “Expert Media production” will not leave you indifferent and promotes the disclosure of your business, based on the technology of modern mankind. But do not forget that 3D was preceded by 2D animation.

So it is said that 2D animation is the forerunner of 3D animation. This effect was originally trying to revive a pixelated picture, in computer games, commercials, cartoons. He made objects moveable and had a wide range of applications. Besides the standard set of tools, there are additional plugins. They empower professionals from 3d animation studio.

Is 3D Animation an Offspring of 2D Animation?

3D graphics are currently used in the field of “bright” graphics, high information environments (graphs, diagrams, geographic information systems, design systems, etc.), new opportunities in art and installations, as well as for working with human feelings and impressions with 3d animation service. With a lighting quality far better than any other real-time rendering tool, 3D animation works better than 2D animation.

2D systems are now more efficient in normal work (familiar Word, Excel), for preparing more standard applications and presentations (faster, cheaper), for example, in PowerPoint or Visio. Conceptual approaches to the formation of informative 3D texts and 3D tables have not yet been developed. Of course, 2D is easier to create videos and animations (eg, flash animation), easier to process photos. Generally 2D is much simpler than 3D.

The Process of 3D Animation

The main process consists of six steps:

  • Pre-visualization;
  • Modeling;
  • Texturing, shader creation;
  • Animation;
  • Effects creation;
  • Rendering and compositing.
  • Animation software for anyone

Picking the Right 3D Animation Studio to Work With

Creating a character for animation is rather important stage in the development of a computer product. 3D animation is a type of animation that allows you to create photorealistic volumetric models and scenes. Computer animation is increasingly used in the video advertising market or in presentations of various enterprises. To create 3D animation requires sophisticated software and professionals to work with it.

Case Studies

The best way to understand what is included in 3d animation services is to have a look at the examples of works, which are already carried out.

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