Promoting Affiliate Offers With Instagram Live

Hey there everyone! Growing your customer base and making a profit is easier when you know how to engage your audience, and using Instagram Live is a great way to interact with potential business leads right from your profile. In this lesson, we are going to show you an easy way to make money by sharing your affiliate links during Instagram Live broadcasts.

Getting Started

Instagram Live same as Instagram followers is not only a great way to connect with your target audience and your customers, but also a great promotional tool to announce new product launches, big discounts, offers, and news about your brand or business. If you are going to use Instagram Live to promote an affiliate offer, we recommend you to tease your live broadcast for at least three days before going live with your affiliate product.

You can do this by creating an image post that you can repost as a reminder to your followers and other users that you are going live to discuss an awesome niche product in the following days. Let’s create a quick example. Start by tapping on the “plus” icon to create your teaser post. Now tap on the “gallery” tab to select the image of your affiliate product from the media gallery.

Now tap on “next” to quickly edit your product image and then tap on “next” to move on to the next step.

Now it is time to add your caption. Here you’ll just have to be upfront and add a call-to-action to remind people that you are going to discuss the product in the picture on Instagram Live in the following days.

Remember to add the exact day and time when you’ll be live. You can check out Growthsilo comparison data to understand properly about the growth service.

Then add some targeted niche hashtags to show your teaser post to people browsing for content with the hashtags in your post.

Now tap on “share” to publish your teaser post. You can tell more people about your upcoming live broadcast by promoting your teaser post.

You’ll simply have to go to your profile and locate your teaser post.

Then you’ll just have to tap on the “promote” button and create a promotion for your teaser post.

Before Going, Live

Remember to research your affiliate product and to have your affiliate links ready before going live. For this example case, we are going to promote a product from “”, so if we’ll have to generate an affiliate link before going live.

Because we already joined the “amazon associates” program, we’ll simply have to go to “” in our browser to access the page of the product that we are going to promote. Then we are going to tap on the “text” option under the “get link” bar, and then we’ll just copy it.

Going Live On Instagram To Promote Your Affiliate Link

To go live on Instagram you’ll just have to tap on the camera icon located on the top-left corner on the Instagram app’s homepage. Now tap on the “live” option located at the bottom of the screen.

To go live you’ll just have to tap on “start live video”, but you might want to customize your broadcast before actually going live by tapping on the “settings” gear icon located on the top-left corner. In this “settings” screen you’ll be able to select who can watch your live video, who can comment and reply to your live video, and whether to save your live video after the broadcast is over so others can watch an archived version.

You can tap on the “back” icon once you have made your changes in the “settings” screen. Once you are ready to go live you’ll just have to tap on the “start live video” button. Awesome! Once you go live, Instagram will notify your followers. You will be able to see who has joined and who is watching your live video at the bottom of the screen.
Once you are live you can start discussing the features and pros and cons of the product that you are promoting. Make sure to interact with your viewers by asking them questions, responding to their questions and comments, and by letting them take part in the conversation. You can share your affiliate link with your viewers by pasting it in the “comment” field.

We recommend you to use the “comment” field only to share your affiliate link, and to use a call-to-action right before the link., such as “You can buy this product at” followed by your affiliate link.

Remember that comments will eventually bury down your affiliate link, so make sure to share it every two to three minutes, depending on how long your live video is going to be. Once you are ready to finish your live video you’ll just have to tap on “end”. And that’ll be it! As you can see, you can use Instagram Live as a killer promotional tool!

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