Promoting Your B2B Service Step-By-Step

A B2B service page is essential to explain what a company does or sells. But business clients also want to increase their sales and revenue. So, balancing the branding efforts and SEO strategies to remain relevant is paramount.

Creating the perfect B2B website service page can be tricky. But with some practical knowledge, building engaging content is not an impossible task. More remarkably, its completion may lead to a better conversion rate right away.

The following instructions will educate DIY business owners on how to create an effective B2B service page. Plus, they also shed light on the most common mistakes and why they might hurt your sales.

Promoting Your B2B Service Step-By-Step

01. Setting An Appropriate Goal

Branding is about making sure that the services reflect the company’s vision or message. But an SEO strategy needs to leverage specific phrases, links, and content to be effective. From this perspective, it is clear that your B2B service page must follow an elegant structure.

As a landing page, the chief function of your service page is to communicate its messages as clearly as possible. Plus, it should contain everything to generate sales on the spot. This is why most service pages use headings and buttons.

But the overall structure, number of headings, and type of buttons depend on the final goal. Each B2B service page should target a distinct audience to fulfill a precise purpose. Furthermore, a winning goal also points out:

  • What the customer needs to do to receive assistance or request the desired services in simple terms.
  • How the company is going to deliver the product or service. Above all, the necessary time frames for each phase.
  • What conditions need to be fulfilled before the service can be requested.

02. Pain Points

Before you start writing a draft, identifying the pain point or points is necessary. As the service will solve each pain point, a list of issues and stressors that lead to your service will simplify the drafting of each section. Plus, pain points are significant keywords that must appear in the text to optimize your content.

From an SEO perspective, most potential customers look for ways to solve a problem. They do not search for a specific service. With this in mind, logging the pain points beforehand makes sure not to miss any emotional trigger to motivate your prospects.

03. Copywriting

Engaging content meets the needs of the customer’s business confidently. But, above all, it opens the possibility of letting their companies grow and get even more clients. All because they chose the exemplary service at the right time.

Most companies fail to convey the whole story because they focus on their craft. In a sense, they believe that branding is stating what you can do best. But the perfect B2B service page focus on the customer. After all, it is their story about how they will solve their problems.

Emotional language is not a prerequisite. But it is a sought-after marketing strategy that pays off. This is why some business owners rely on professional freelance writers for their write-ups.

04. Web Design

In some industries, a fresh look can be a differentiation factor. A light design can also be both aesthetically pleasing and an effective SEO strategy. Given that responsiveness is a crucial element that benefits ranking, a simple design allows for more speed. Which in turn helps rank first for very competitive keywords.

Combining clever copywriting with intuitive web design can be a hassle. Notably, learning web development takes many hours and effort. But luckily, any business owner can overcome such difficulty thanks to a competent digital marketing agency like SEMology.

05. Testing

The perfect B2B service page is rarely flawless on the first draft. Testing a service page is a recommended way to find improvements. For the best results, many companies employ a feedback system to look at their service or site from different angles.

Sometimes, requesting a user testing service can help highlight:

  • coding errors
  • confusing paragraphs
  • lack of concise or compelling calls to action
  • performance in comparison with competitors’ websites
  • useless features for better flow

Proper testing involves setting up more versions of the same service page. Even an A/B testing method with two pages is often helpful to improve your SEO. But you need original content for each service page to avoid getting penalized because of duplicate content.

06. Testimonials

These days, most testimonials take the form of customer reviews. Previous customers that had a pleasant experience help new clients visualize what the outcome will be. So they remain a valuable addition to your service page. Plus, they are a powerful branding strategy as long as the quality of the service justifies its price.

Widgets that make it easier for potential clients to find the best reviews also prevent them from finding undesirable places—especially the one where established competitors might outshine smaller businesses. Luckily, many feedback platforms are available on the Internet. Thus, integrating them after you get enough positive reviews is highly suggested.

Badges, awards, and brands your business has served should appear too. They might not influence your rank from an SEO standpoint. But they make an impact on the viewer and make your service look more credible.

The Bottom Line

The best Business-to-Business service page adapts to a company’s goal. With short and descriptive headlines, it is possible to convey clear messages. But potential clients need to find enough content to justify choosing your service instead of the competition.

SEO keywords can make a service page prettier in the eyes of search engines. But no keyphrase will define the number of monthly and daily sales. To clarify, it is better to have a service page with a high conversion rate rather than a page that ranks first and generates no sales.


Often, the page design plays a much more vital role. After all, images can create quick visual credibility. This is why showing logos of clients and certificates is an overall branding strategy.

The whole process can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days or months. In conclusion, the customers’ feedback should act as a compass and direct attention to the most critical parts of the page that may need further testing. This is why investing in a digital marketing agency is often the wisest choice for small and big entrepreneurs.

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