What Purposes Can Corporate Videos Serve?

Although the first video recording dates back to the late 1800s, it wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that videos were common. Initially, videos were displayed on TV screens. Today, it’s easier than ever to watch videos. People can view videos on smartphones, tablets, and computers or cast videos from their electronic devices to their TVs.

There are multiple types of videos serving different purposes. Movies, TV programs, and music videos entertain viewers. Short video advertisements promote products to consumers. An event video features footage of special events, such as weddings, baptisms, or graduation ceremonies. People may also view corporate videos. Let’s look at ways you can use corporate videos and how to make corporate videos.

How can you use corporate videos?

Businesses use corporate videos to achieve multiple objectives. Suppose a company’s chief executive officer (CEO) wants to outline company earnings to the board of directors. They may opt to use a video to highlight its goals, earnings reports, and other vital information.

Businesses may use these videos for staff orientations. Orientation videos provide critical business information to new employees, ensuring they’re familiar with company objectives and company philosophies.

Corporate videos include training videos used to train new employees. Training videos ensure all new staff members receive consistent, comprehensive information about their duties. Companies also use training videos to teach existing staff members how to use new equipment or perform new tasks.

Companies can also use corporate videos for demonstrations to potential or existing clients. A contact center software company can use corporate videos to explain how an enterprise contact center benefits from its omnichannel software, which allows consumers to contact customer service representatives via communication platforms such as SMS text messages, emails, phone calls, and social media messages. The video can outline the benefits of using interactive voice response (IVR) software and how AI software improves customer service. You may have videos explaining how businesses benefit from using chatbots. Corporate videos supply all the information clients need to understand how they’ll benefit from using your products and services.

How do you make corporate videos?

Making corporate videos can be a straightforward process. Start by determining the types of corporate videos you want to produce and their purpose. Some videos may fulfill multiple purposes, and you must clarify these objectives to ensure you include the correct information. For example, some employee training videos may also serve as product demonstration videos. These videos should contain general information both employees and potential clients will find beneficial.

Video production companies employ video production professionals, including camera operators and production designers. These companies provide expert videography services, taking your project through every production stage. They’ll verify your goals and prepare a production budget, ensuring you know how much your projects cost. You’ll work with their creative team to generate ideas, ensuring the team produces a storyboard that matches your objectives and fits your brand. The production team films and edits the footage, producing professional corporate videos that meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable video production company, consider one with experienced professionals such as video producer LocalEyes on their team.

What are the benefits of using corporate videos?

Training videos ensure staff receive consistent training and save employers money when hiring new staff. Businesses may spend thousands replacing a single employee. Costs increase if you must have training specialists provide in-person training for one or two employees at a time. Using videos reduces the time your training experts must spend with new hires, enabling them to perform other tasks while ensuring new staff members have the information they need to perform their duties.

Training videos can be viewed online, which benefits companies serving a large geographic region. During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies used corporate training videos to move staff training online. Board members, investors, and clients can also access corporate videos online.

There are multiple types of corporate videos, including training and demonstration videos. Corporate videos enable businesses to relay consistent information to various audiences, helping them fulfill their business objectives.

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