QuantBitex Review: Ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Assistant

Investing in a brokerage should be conducted with common sense. A trick in that is in multiple luring options with very tempting numbers. They offer leverages that go way about the limit and are only possible in some fairy tales. Having a healthy approach to your broker when deciding whom to commit to is crucial. So, how shall you make an educated decision? A key to that is researching the information and feedback about the platform as well as reading carefully their offers. Do not fall for a popup ad that says ‘get millions now’, and promises income without any effort. Look into the terms and conditions and study them well. Here are some facts about QuantBitex that show the way system works and charges. The platform you trust should have all these covered.

What is QuantBitex about?

It serves traders of various levels with their cryptocurrency operations. It has a nice interface, account management options, and account types. Whenever a new user comes to the platform, they need to complete registration and set up the account. It does not take much time. After that a user can select an account type:

  • Basic (for the capital size up to EUR 2500);
  • Silver (for the capital size up to EUR 25 000);
  • Gold (for the capital size up to EUR 100 000+);
  • Platinum (EUR 100 000+).

The main reason why one would need a Platinum account is the size of your capital. If you want to work with the amounts of EUR 100 000, you are better off with this service. Whoever starts their trading career, or does it for fun, can select a basic type of account. It is convenient because the risks and commissions are minimal. Shall the income arise, and you decide to move more money around, there is an option of an instant upgrade of account. A separate service is a ‘membership’ on the site. It comes with a set of extras. These are not obligatory but very useful for beginners. It includes some tutorials and courses, even some webinars. QuantBitex account can serve you as a reliable source of information about the latest trends. Not a less important option available with a Platinum QuantBitex account is a loan and percent rate designed especially for the users of such account. There is a chance to get a no-interest loan on deposit.


With QuantBitex you can either start your trading journey or improve the existing status quo. If you are a new trader and everything seems confusing, you can use webinars, get updates from the market, and even take a course on the platform. If you are an experienced trader who wants less assistance and more action, you can do that too. The account maintenance and the fees are favorable for someone to earn more than anywhere else. The platform provides the environment for success. It is secure in terms of personal data protection. All the transactions are instant and there are no issues with payments. Hence, it is a reliable online broker.

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