Reasons to Build Tech Career in Canada 

Canada is ranked among the countries with the highest economy around the world. With the advancement of technology, Canada has done wonders with it. Canadians are innovative and are also ranked sixteenth for innovation worldwide.

A lot of tech companies are active in Canada and people from different parts of the world are living in Canada to build a tech career. A technology career in Canada is an amazing opportunity that comes with a lot of benefits.

Many big software and hardware companies are based in Canada. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are among the leading tech companies in the world which are also based in Canada. Here we have listed several reasons to build your tech career in Canada.

1. Work Permit

In comparison to other nations, the road to permanent residency in Canada is less straightforward. Canada takes the Canadian Citizenship Test, which is a standard test that is about the Canadian lifestyle and all the knowledge you need to have to live in Canada. It must be taken in less than 21 days after the candidate gets an invitation.

Global digital talent is migrating to Canada in greater numbers than ever before to begin and advance their careers. The most common approach for a foreign IT expert to enter the United States has always been through the famous H-1B visa. We’ve compiled the top four reasons why you should work in Canada rather than the United States. 

Highly talented foreign employees used to be able to enter the United States with ease because of H-1B visa applications. However, since 2017, the US has become far more stringent, with applicants having to wait months for clearance. In Canada, on the other hand, finding a high-skilled job in the IT sector has never been simpler.

As long as you complete the conditions, you can get a residence with a work visa within 12 months. The Global Talent Scheme intends to handle work visa applications for highly qualified STEM and IT personnel.

2. Government Support

Governments all around the world these days support technological development. The Canadian government also considers the tech business and companies as a valuable asset to the country. People in tech careers get good benefits and support from the government of Canada.

3. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ontario accounted for little more than 42% of the country’s ICT industry income, followed by Quebec and British Columbia. The country has an estimated 1.72 million IT employees, with employment increasing by 3.6 percent year on year. The CNBC 2019 Upstart 100 list includes five Canadian firms.

4. Free Lunch

Tech Companies in Toronto believe that providing free lunch increases the productivity of the employee. Canada believes in research and anyone building a tech Career in Canada gets free lunches every day.

5. Blooming Technology Ecosystem

CBRE ranked Toronto as the third-best IT talent market in North America, after only San Francisco and Seattle. Between 2013 and 2018, 80,100 tech jobs were generated in Toronto, Ontario, whereas only 22,466 tech degrees were awarded, implying a 57,634 tech professional brain gain.

6. You can wear what you feel comfortable wearing

Many tech companies or almost all don’t require you to look like factory workers. You can dress up as you please and work accordingly.

7. Best tech Parties

The Big companies take good care of the employees and give a grand part once in a while. You can build a great career and also have the fun of your life in Canada.

8. Get Vacations a lot

Canadian companies once in a while convenience their employees to take a leave from work. People get unlimited sick days’ leaves and can carry on with work when they feel well enough to do them.

9. Free Tech Goodies

People who are in the tech companies receive goodies a lot. It is almost like Christmas every day. Companies in Toronto provide their employees with a lot of tech goodies to boost their morale and keep them in perfect shape for work.

10. Flexible in every aspect

Tech companies in Canada take your health and time very sensitively. From planning the working days and the number of vacation days you want you can get them all in a tech company in Canada.

11. Artificial Intelligence Hotspot; Montreal

In May 2019, Swedish Ericsson announced the establishment of a worldwide AI accelerator aimed at “creating data-driven, intelligent goods and services leveraging AI and automation technologies.” 

AI centers are located in Montreal by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others. In early 2017, Forbes designated Montreal a “Powerhouse of Artificial Intelligence.” Yoshua Bengio, the co-author of one of the main artificial intelligence books and creator of Element AI, was interviewed for the piece.

So, if you have Canada as a potential country to start your tech career, you probably should look for no other options. Canadians are most friendly and the benefits a tech guy is going to get in Canada are one of the best around the world.

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