How to Run a Big IT Project in 2022?

Any project involves thinking through different aspects, which in the end leads to a positive or negative outcome. Having just an idea is good, but you need to go much further to make it not just an idea in your head, but a real breakthrough. One of the most important factors in the success or failure of any project is the standards and methods of project management. Today they are developing at an incredibly fast pace as more new technologies appear. And the standards do not stand still either.

A clear understanding of new trends in project management can help you realize the structure of work, its stages, and methods used. Luckily, today there are many useful services on the market, such as IDAP Group, which help to make any idea come true.

So, now we are going to figure out how to build a successful IT project in 2022. Using this short tutorial, you will definitely be able to get the work process right and get the results you want.

Project Life Cycle

To begin with, we should remind ourselves that only five groups of processes make up the project management lifecycle and are standard for all projects. They are almost always the same, so you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. It Is much simpler than that. The project life cycle includes the following:


At this stage, the goal, need, or problem of the project is identified. A project manager is appointed.


This is the second and very important stage. In this phase, the project manager and teamwork together plan all of the steps necessary to successfully complete the project. The planning process is iterative and is expected to occur frequently throughout the project. It involves brainstorming, thinking of different ideas and suggestions at various stages of creating an IT project.


Once a plan is created, the team begins to follow its points of it to create the desired results. According to the needs in the process, you can continue planning the project (we talked about this a little bit above).


When the project is completed, the manager monitors and controls the work related to time, cost, quantity, quality, risk, and other factors. Monitoring and control is also an ongoing process to ensure that each project goal is met.


At the end of each phase and logically at the end of the entire project will be the closing. This is a guarantee that all work will be completed and approved.

What an IT Project Manager Should Be in 2022

We all know that someone who works in project management must have good software skills. Because a project manager is considered to be a leader in a team. It is very essential that he/she knows how to work well with all the interested parties and clearly convey expectations throughout the project.

It is usually possible to highlight the 5 most important skills that a project leader would like to master:

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Decision making
  • Communication

These skills are very good at having the biggest impact on a project team’s performance. It doesn’t matter if the work is well planned, because a team that doesn’t know how to work together or doesn’t trust their leader is likely to create problems that could simply put the project at risk of disruption. A project manager with these skills has the best chance of success because he or she keeps the team moving in a positive direction, reduces distracting conflicts, and ensures that every aspect of the project has been worked through and clearly conveyed.

Top 5 Rules for Successfully Launching an IT Project in 2022

Test the idea

Even the best idea in a vacuum can fail, so it needs to be discussed with colleagues and experts and tested for strength. In the IT industry, startup schools, for example, do this sort of thing. They work in a mode of constant brainstorming. Also, such institutions often work with investors who can take a closer look at your project.

So, find the appropriate business organizations that help you in the first and the most high-risk stage of project development. Such organizations usually offer office space, services, and equipment, advise you on important issues, and provide training.

Client first

In creating a project you have to focus on the end-user first of all. Experts strongly advise working on the marketability of the product already at the stage of the primary idea. You need to analyze the IT niche and come up with a project that will really be useful. You can improve the product later, the main thing – to know that it is in demand.

Learn in the process

During the development of the project in front of you, in any case, there will be a lot of questions that you have not thought about before. Answers to many of them can be obtained only after acquiring knowledge in different areas. For example, you will need a basic knowledge of finance. These skills you may learn already in the process of development. It is important not to put off going to courses or training sessions, but to master them already at the prototype stage so that later you can talk to investors as equals.

Think on the right scale 

Investors and market experts advise you to scale your idea from the start, not as a startup, but as a ready-made business. Realizing this will help you talk to potential customers and investors alike. You must also understand the capacity of the market and calculate in advance how much your project will grow in the next six months to a year.

Search of investors

This is a crucial stage, after which you will know about the further development of the project. There are many venture capital funds in the world that invest in different startups. Depending on the projects, they can financially support both already existing products and ideas that seem to be successful.


Creating a successful IT project is much more realistic than it may seem at first glance. If you have a great idea, 2022 is the best time to bring it to life. Remember that confidence in the idea is essential for any startup, but to make it real you need to know the laws of the market, know how to work in a team, and stick to a well-thought-out plan.

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