SaaS and the changing role of IT

How IT companies manage and use digital technologies has been changed over the years, and changes parallelly with IT development. But first of all, the main changes are connected with the new consumption models like Software as a service (SaaS). The appearance of this has also changed IT departments and the way they work.

The role of IT business is changing very quickly and the functions we all know are quickly being replaced by new ones.

The digital transformation

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, enterprises had little to no choice but to move to a distributed workforce and deliver a digital customer experience, the larger business digital transformation was redefined, which had an impact on social media automation, changed customer experiences and market requirements.

The extensive usage of SaaS resulted in a change in buyer decision making. The workforce has evolved over time as technological knowledge and expertise have gone beyond IT departments and are now found throughout the organization. All of these shifts have a direct impact on IT’s role in today’s business.

As there is a SaaS solution for every specialism, IT capabilities are becoming more vertical and focused as they migrate to the cloud, fragmenting the ecosystem.

Considering the changes in the IT world, there are also great developments in cryptocurrency. The changes are connected as well, so many things in cryptoworld are developed by the specialists from the IT departments. Kraken is one of few cryptocurrency exchange platforms that were created to allow users to do the transactions or other trade processes within minutes. That platform also has mobile apps which are developed by IT-specialists.

The new role of IT

It’s crucial to remember these days that it’s not just about the program; it’s also about how the application interacts with the rest of the system. If not handled correctly, the process of combining data or a function from one application software with that of another can be an IT nightmare.

In a SaaS and cloud-enabled digital business, today IT plays the role of value-based service broker, providing infrastructure, real-time support, security system, custom cloud application development, developed advice for clients issues and other functions like this.

Changes after Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic affected not only the business, IT but also the educational sector. Students all over the world were learning remotely, and besides universities and standard learning, there was a great chance and a lot of time to gain new skills.

The IT sector was working remotely too, so the training and new skills could be acquired right from home. In such conditions, task management softwares became a necessity, to plan and organize all the learning or working tasks properly. Also, an online platform, online training channels and videos come in handy, especially on the most famous video platform Youtube. So these videos should have catchy and intriguing youtube thumbnails to also increase customer engagement. Videos can be created by online creators to make those materials look better for people who are going to watch them.


To be short, it’s a fact that process and organizational transformation are frequently driven by new and improved apps. Individuals, teams, and organizations must adapt to these changes in order to reap the technological benefits. IT business and SaaS are moving forward together, and the companies that use SaaS are changing their role gradually.

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