Salary card: how to get it quickly

Today, many people receive their salaries on “plastic” – it is extremely convenient for both the employer and his employees. Most of the bank systems have understandable and ergonomic mobile applications, which allow controlling the finances and go shopping online. Learn more about what a salary card is and what it is necessary for, how to get and use it quickly, told WestStein specialists.

Salary card: benefits 

As it is already clear from the name itself, such plastic cards are necessary for crediting payroll to them. This is especially convenient for companies that cooperate with freelancers, that is, those who work remotely (from home or any co-working space). To order a payroll card, often the head of the organization (a legal entity) enters into a certain contract with a financial institution. It guarantees timely qualitative service.

In its turn an individual salary card does not limit in any way holder’s needs: from it is possible to cash out funds, make purchases in the network, pay utility bills in the application, as well as transfer funds to other accounts (in some cases even make international transfers). The most important criterion is the user’s safety, because he is actually protected from the tricks of offenders (robbery, fraud, cybercrime). By the way, cybersecurity of WestStein prepaid cardholders is guaranteed by Mastercard 3D Secure system.

How to order and execute a payroll card?

Most payroll cards today are debit, but they can also be prepaid and even hybrid, i.e. those with credit facilities, the so-called overdraft. Ordering a prepaid Mastercard through the WestStein service is extremely simple, you should follow the following algorithm:

  • On the site, the client fills out a registration form, in which he specifies his data.
  • Then he confirms his phone number and e-mail address.
  • After completing the registration, the user gets access to their account, which they can replenish and start using immediately.
  • After 10 days from the date of application, the consumer will receive a real “plastic”.

Our experts did everything possible to make the virtual card easy and accessible.

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