Salesforce vs. Appian

Appian is a process management and development platform that requires little to no coding. With its intuitive interface, you can create and deploy apps in the cloud with ease. It also facilitates the automation of routine tasks, the consolidation of data, and the maintenance of a single repository.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM program that helps businesses plan for the future and monitor leads. It’s one of the best apps out there for business. With Salesforce’s Sales (CRM), Service, Platform, and Marketing apps, businesses can forge brand-new bonds with their clientele, suppliers, and staff. Explore the Salesforce course to enhance your understanding and proficiency in utilizing this powerful tool.


When comparing the two products, reviewers agreed that Appian was simpler to implement and manage. Overall, customers were more satisfied while working with Appian. According to reviews, customers will be more satisfied with Salesforce Sales Cloud than they would be with Appian.

Appian has better continuous product support than its competitors, according to reviews. Also experts voted Appian ahead of Salesforce Sales Cloud when it came to future roadmaps as well as improvements.

Salesforce is the market leader in customer relationship management (CRM), while Appian is the market leader in workflow automation as well as business process management (BPM). Which one is best for your company depends on its specific needs. Now lets learn about both below:

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Table of Contents:

  • What is Salesforce?
  • Why Would You Use Salesforce?
  • What is Appian?
  • How Appian is Used?
  • Salesforce vs Appian: Described in a Tabular Form
  • Salesforce vs Appian:
  • Conclusion

What is Salesforce?

For businesses to make the most of the ever-growing amounts of customer data, they need a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Salesforce. Everyone from small businesses use Salesforce run out of a closet to the biggest companies on the Fortune 500 list. In this detailed guide, you’ll learn what Salesforce is and how it might help your business.

For businesses to make the most of the ever-growing amounts of customer data, they need a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Salesforce. Everyone from small businesses use Salesforce run out of a closet to the biggest companies on the Fortune 500 list. This detailed guide explains what Salesforce is and how it might help your business.

In order to evaluate your skills in the Cloud Computing, Salesforce Training helps a lot.

Why Would You Use Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that helps businesses manage customer information, sales processes, and marketing initiatives. It offers solutions for customer segmentation, handling data, and support that companies can employ to develop stronger bonds with their clientele. Salesforce is an effective and flexible CRM system because of the many programs and services it can connect with.

What is Appian?

Appian is a program that helps its users design and build Business Process Management apps, as well as other business-related software, and streamline laborious processes. Appian BPM has stiff competition from a plethora of other BPM platforms, such as PEGA BPM and IBM BPM.

Before Appian was a company, it was only a concept. This has nothing to do with a specific product or industry but with the kind of environment that encourages creativity and creates lasting value. Appian was founded on the principle that talented and motivated people can do remarkable things when given the latitude to do so.

Appian is a low-code automating platform that facilitates the rapid development of applications and processes. To maximize your investments and improve your company’s bottom line, we create an integrated approach that includes people, technologies, and data.

When it comes to low-code application development, Digital process automation, Intelligent Business Process Management Systems, as well as Dynamic Case Management, Appian stands alone as the undisputed global leader.

In order to evaluate your skills in the Business Process Management, Appian Training helps a lot.

How is Appian Used?

An Appian deployment could be the answer if your organization is losing money due to inefficient laborious procedures as well as falling behind other businesses because its operations are lagging behind.

Appian is a platform for developing automated business processes and apps. 

Salesforce vs Appian: Described in a Tabular Form

Here’s a table that describes the primary features of Salesforce vs Appian:

Aspect Salesforce Appian
Core Functionality CRM, Sales, Marketing BPM, Process Automation
Customization Highly customizable AppExchange marketplace Low-code development, visual customization
Use Cases Sales, Marketing, Customer Service Cross-departmental process automation
Integration Extensive connectors, APIs Emphasis on enterprise system integration
Low-Code Development Supports low-code, custom app development Strong focus on low-code, accessible to all
Analytics Sales and marketing analytics Process performance and efficiency analytics
Cost Variable, licensing and feature-based Transparent pricing, cost-effective for BPM
User Interface User-friendly, tailored for sales and service Designed for process modeling and automation
Mobile Capabilities Mobile CRM applications Mobile support for BPM processes
Compliance and Security Strong focus on security and compliance Emphasis on data integrity and compliance
User Community and Support Large and active user community Growing community, support varies by tier
Workflow Automation CRM-focused workflows Complex workflow automation across departments
AI and Machine Learning Einstein for AI enhancements Integration with AI capabilities
Document Management Document management for CRM records Robust document management across processes
Complex Process Modeling Suitable for simpler workflows Specializes in modeling complex, dynamic processes
Scalability Scalable, but costs may increase with users Scalable to meet growing BPM needs

These distinctions between Salesforce and Appian emphasize their respective strengths and emphasis areas, allowing businesses to select the platform that is the greatest fit for their needs.

Salesforce vs Appian:

Core Functions:


Salesforce’s primary feature as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform has earned it widespread renown. Marketing, sales, as well as customer interactions may all be better managed with this tool. Salesforce is a one-stop shop for keeping tabs on all of your marketing efforts, sales prospects, and customer communications. Its primary purpose is to increase customer involvement and business revenue.


Contrarily, Appian’s focus is on BPM (Business Process Management). Appian’s main goal is to streamline and improve complex business operations across an enterprise. It’s a setting for process modeling, execution, monitoring, as well as enhancement. 



Marketing and sales data are the focus of Salesforce’s powerful reporting and analytics solutions. Customers, sales, and marketing initiatives can all be better understood by generating personalized reports as well as dashboards.


Appian provides process-centric analytics and monitoring features. Appian’s analytics features allow users to monitor BPM process execution, spot bottlenecks, and enhance workflows.

Mobile Capabilities:


The powerful mobile applications offered by Salesforce allow customers to access CRM data, handle leads, and react to client inquiries even when they’re out and about.


Users who need to participate in company procedures from mobile devices would appreciate Appian because of the platform’s support for mobile usage of BPM processes as well as applications.

User Support and Community:


For Salesforce’s vast and engaged user community, there are many helpful blogs, forums, as well as user groups available online. In addition, Salesforce has numerous levels of support available, such as Premier as well as Premier+.


Appian’s user base is expanding, but the company’s ecosystem may be smaller than Salesforce’s. Appian offers various channels for customer service, the availability of which may vary depending on the type of subscription you have purchased.

Workflow Automation


The service and sales modules of Salesforce are where you’ll find the bulk of Salesforce’s workflow automation features, such as automated lead assignment as well as email notifications.


Appian is the best solution for automating complicated workflows across an entire enterprise. With its sophisticated routing, approval, as well as decision-making features, users can create, automate, and optimize even the most complex business processes.

AI and ML:


Salesforce offers the AI-driven Einstein function, which improves sales and marketing with predictive analytics, lead scoring, as well as automated email answers.


Appian has collaborations and integrations with AI as well as machine learning capabilities. It can include AI-generated knowledge in its BPM operations.

Managing Paperwork:


When it comes to handling files associated with CRM records, you can rely on Salesforce because of the document management options it offers. Its primary focus is on sales as well as customer information, but it also has document management capabilities.


Appian’s document management capabilities are robust and applicable to a wide range of business processes and functional areas. It helps with document versioning, security permissions, and process automation.

Modeling Complex Processes:


While Salesforce has certain process automation features, these are best utilized in more straightforward, linear processes. Extensive modification may be necessary for complex, non-linear phenomena. 


Appian is a software company that focuses on modeling as well as automating dynamic processes with many possible paths, circumstances, and interactions. Its strength is in the coordination of complex corporate procedures.


In the end, deciding between Salesforce as well as Appian comes down to a company’s unique requirements. For business process management (BPM) and department-wide process automation, Appian stands head and shoulders above Salesforce. Businesses might benefit from a thorough understanding of these distinctions when deciding which platform best meets their needs. However, experts voted Appian ahead of Salesforce Sales Cloud when it came to future roadmaps as well as improvements.

So, now you must got an idea about them both. 

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