Youtube algorithms change every time but the most important rule you need to remember is always SEO. For better Youtube ranking you need to use SEO optimization on your channel. It is impossible without subscribers on your Youtube, so from the first step, we will find out how to get subscribers and then will talk in detail about the list of SEO tips that will help you!  

The more people watch your videos, the more chances you have to be into the TOP or YouTube recommendations.  Their popularity shows other people your content and suggests that the video can take higher lines on Youtube. This is why many content creators opt to use YouTubeStorm at the beginning of their online careers.

How to get your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube

The hardest thing for a beginning blogger is toget the first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. And it’s true. The competition on YouTube today is quite high, so the fight for the first thousand subscribers is especially fierce.

  • Content regularity

The ability to organize yourself, the structure of your channel, regularity, and consistency in releases are some of the most important steps in promoting and recruiting subscribers.

Prepare for the launch of your channel in advance so that you can release videos on your channel steadily and without burning deadlines. Record 15-20 videos at once and simply put them out at the chosen time and day. Try to use all possible ways to connect with your audience. Make posts in the Youtube community, make videos in Youtube shorts, start a livestream. You need to remind your audience about yourself every day!

  • SEO optimization

If you would like to make your channel popular in this case you need to understand that it is impossible without SEO. We will give you SEO tips about the best sites which you can use for your channel. We give you a detailed list of recommendations on how you can use these functions. Let’s see!

Don’t let these words scare you, because SEO is search engine optimization. Or a set of measures that we use to ensure that our videos are at the top positions in search results and in the recommended videos on YouTube. It is for recommended videos that there is the fiercest struggle today. An example of these measures is the use of keywords in video titles, descriptions, and tags. This is how YouTube algorithms understand who to show your videos to.

How do you optimize your videos with SEO?

  • Enter the title of the video into the search lines of either YouTube or Google, and then look at what queries are most often of interest to the user. Those will be the keywords.
  • We look at what competitors are doing: gather a list of competitor channels, install the vidIQ or TubeBuddy extension in your browser.  This browser shows you the stats you need to track your YouTube performance. 
  • Keyword tool. This service gives you high-level keywords or topics. Keyword Tool will prepare for your suggestions in the form of questions, prepositions, and even hashtags.  Services include networks: Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter. You can choose a social network you want and start to analyze relevant keywords. 
  • Google trends. This service will help you drive traffic to your site. You can understand what topics are more relevant and it allows your video or site to be at the top of searches. It allows you to be in a Trend.

! Don’t forget about hashtags! You need to use relevant keywords not only in the description and title of your video but also in your hashtags! It’s best to include a few keywords that describe the topic of the video and put more useful tags at the beginning. Use them to help users find the video in the YouTube sidebar in the “Suggested Videos” section.

What about video rules?

  • Depth of the video

Try to make your video more exciting. The length of the video needs to be 5-10 minutes. You need to interest people within the first minute and then develop the main idea of your video.

  • Provoke your subscribers to reactions

In the beginning and in the end of the video ask people questions. Make a call to action. Ask people to follow and subscribe to you. Make livestreams with catchy topics!

  • Quality content and good covers

These days, there are already so many ways to create quality content without much effort, even if you only have a smartphone. It’s enough to shoot, edit, and even make thumbnails for a cool video. Try to make your covers more clickable and interesting!

  • Collaborations with other blogs

Many startup channels are happy to exchange subscribers. Especially if you work in the same niche, and yours and their subscribers are ready to meet new youtubers. Everyone wins.  By using methods of collaborations you exchange your audience and subscribers!

  • YouTube Live Streams

In the early stages, it’s a great way to talk to your subscribers online, get to know them better, and find out what they expect and want from you. But don’t forget that a broadcast requires a special announcement and constant reminders because it’s already a full-fledged event. Livestream is one of the best ways to interact with users!

  • Buy YouTube subscribers

Buy subscribers for YouTube quickly and reliably – this is the first thing that can come to mind for the beginning blogger who wants to rapidly gain an audience. 

The more subscribers there’re on the channel, the more attractive it will be for YouTube and for the new audience. The channel will be able to take higher positions in the results, and new people with more interest will pay attention to such a channel, and then click the subscribe button.

It only functions when real subscribers come to the channel. So be attentive when buying subscribers, cooperate only with trusted sites, where there is a support service and real reviews. For example, you can try to use – it’s a really reliable website, it has a 24/7 support team, money back guarantee, stable promotion quality and good reviews.

You shouldn’t choose only one way of promotion and always follow it. The more tools you use, the more effective the process of finding a new audience will be.

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