How to Set Ringtones on an iPhone without iTunes?

Imagine having a fantastic custom ringtone for your iPhone and not knowing how to set ringtones on your iPhone without iTunes! Oh, that is embarrassing.

Now you envy the android users, no?

If that is the case, we have come to rescue you from that second-hand embarrassment (because you know Apple never told you about setting custom ringtones).

We know the companies have an awful taste in selecting ringtones for their cellphone models. Even Apple is in this marathon. So if you have a super-cool customized ringtone but do not know how to set it without iTunes, you have come to the right article.

You can do that in two ways:

One: Convert MP3 to M4R (iPhone ringtone)

If you do not have iTunes, one of the biggest hurdles you will face is the format of the audio file!

The reason is that the iPhone has put a different format for its audio and video files in the race to be unique.

But you can use WALTR 2 software. All you have to do is download it and then chillax!

It is specifically designed to work for iOS devices. It will automatically convert the transferring files to the M4R format from MP3.

Just follow these steps, and it shall do wonders for you:

  • Open WALTR 2 on your computer
  • Connect the iPhone to your computer through USB or wifi
  • Drag and drop the MP3 file in the software
  • The dropped file will appear in your iPhone’s settings under the Ringtone section.
  • Select your customized ringtone from there and set it as your ringtone

If you have not run away yet because of this i-wanna-sleep tech-talk, here is a reward for you: you can transfer movies and songs from this software to your phone too. It will convert them to the respective file format of your phone.

Two: Create Your Ringtone in your iPhone

If you are too lazy to first grab your laptop and then download the software and then grab your phone and connect it to the laptop and then select the tune from your iPhone and then maybe 10 years  later manage to set your customized ringtone, here is an easy way out for you:

Just for these i-am-lazy steps:

  • Go to the ‘Search Music’ option in iRingg and select a song/audio

(Your file’s format should be M4R. there is no easy way out)

  • Click ‘Trim’ and then personalize the tune as per your taste
  • Click ‘Export’
  • And you are done!

(Now you can go back to sleep…or if you wait, I have another reward for you!)

Ohh…so you stayed


Here is your cookie:

iRingg suggests unique ringtones and allows you to make it more personalized by adding your own voice.

The End is a bit down there!


We saved you from the embarrassment!

Now we just wanted to say a proper bye!

Soo… if you are someone who loves things to take their time, then get your hacker-hat on, put a laptop on one side and iPhone on the other, and go for step one.

But if you are a sloth-kinda-lazy person, then get your iPhone, lay down on your bed, and have fun changing your ringtone!

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