Should I Buy A Plastic Card Printer?

Are you looking to buy a plastic card printer? If so, you might be wondering what exactly a plastic card printer is good for and how you can go about maximising its benefits.

What are plastic card printers good for?

In a nutshell, plastic card printers are good for the following:

1. Photo IDs

Photo ID cards are generally made with plastic and they come with a person’s name along with their photo. Typically, these aren’t printed in bulk and are commonly printed in-house. These printers also typically come with safeguards and security features to ensure that not just anybody can print these cards.

2. Membership Cards

If you need membership cards, a plastic card printer is exactly what you need. Not only  can you print cards on-demand, but you can also control the speed at which you’re issuing your customer cards.

What’s great about plastic printers is that you can also pre-print information on the cards (including all of the logo information and anything that might be the same between cards), meaning that you only need to print black text on the cards.

3. RFID and Prox Cards

Increasingly, the world is moving to a technological space that’s more focused on security and ensuring that information is well-protected. With a plastic card printer, you’ll be able to grant access and accommodate staff changes with ease. RFID and Prox cards are commonly used in places such as gyms, software companies along with banks.

By having your own ID plastic card printer, you’ll be able to easily adjust the access with no problems at all – making it both an efficient, cost-effective and convenient choice.

What are plastic card printers not good for?

When it comes to what plastic card printers aren’t suitable for, they generally aren’t suitable for business cards, or gift cards – basically anything that has a design that won’t be changing for a good period of time. With those cards, you’ll be better off printing them in bulk and outsourcing them to somewhere that can print them in professional quality. Furthermore, those places will also be able to print them in large quantities, so you’ll have plenty of stock for years to come.

Even if you’re not looking to print a large volume of cards, it can be time-consuming to use a plastic card printer rather than outsourcing it. While it depends on the printer that you’re choosing, some can only print about 150 cards in an hour. If you need them urgently, that wouldn’t be the ideal solution.

Looking to buy a plastic card printer?

As seen from the above, there are certainly some benefits of using plastic card printersbut it’s generally only good for ID cards or if you’re printing cards that require changes in information.

If you’re looking to print gift cards, something with static information, or require larger quantities, you’re better off outsourcing it instead. Not only is it more efficient, but also cost-effective.

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