Starting a Nature Lover’s Wedding Venue Company

Couples seeking a wedding venue in today’s “love of all spaces and places” atmosphere, do not often choose to select traditional wedding venues when it comes to the setting where they will make their vows.

In fact, a recent study indicated that over 68% of all wedding couples now choose to get married in a natural outdoor setting rather than an indoor venue. For this reason, now is the time to start your wedding venue company focused on outdoor ceremony sites. Following are the key steps to creating your core business with a long-term growth focus, along with tips for using the natural outdoors as the venue for couples who are nature lovers. 

Key Step 1 Analyze Your Concept

Before starting your wedding venue company, you’ll want to consider some questions to determine the focus of your company and your brand: 

  • Is the current market for wedding venue companies in need of expansion in your area?
  • Do you have direct competitors and, if so, how many are within your geographical area? 
  • How much startup funding is needed for your first year of business? 
  • How will your wedding venue business offer different or unique services from those of your competitors? 
  • What marketing methods will be used to attract potential clients?
  • What type of brand, including design and colors, will fully express your business? 

Key Step 2 Research Your Target Audience 

An essential first step in starting your wedding venue company is determining the size and scope of your target audience. Research wedding planner and wedding venue websites and check social media for callouts that relate to your unique offerings. Estimate a base amount of potential customers and research the likes, preferences, common themes, and other elements of the outdoor weddings they’ve had or want to have. 

Key Step 3 Research Your Competitors

In order to create offers that will overcome those of your competitors, you’ll want to conduct research into the packages and plans, pricing, scope of business, and other services offered by your competitors. Determine the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors to find ways to go beyond those offered and consider trends in the industry that could affect your agency, both positively and negatively. 

Key Step 4 Develop a Business Plan 

Your nature lover’s wedding venue company deserves a strong start with a healthy foundation. You’ll find a business plan customized for your business in this wedding venue business plan, to be completed with the elements needed to represent your company: research of target audience and competitors, operational plans, marketing and sales strategies, financial projections, and other information that will help in making informed decisions during this startup phase.

Your completed document should be reviewed periodically to ensure the plan is relevant and effective as your company continues growing. 

Key Step 5 Create a Portfolio of the Nature Lover’s Wedding Sites

Because your wedding venue company focuses on natural ceremony settings, research several areas around your demographic region and consider the following questions: 

  • Is the natural ceremony setting easy to access for all ages and those with disabilities?
  • Will parking be nearby or in the immediate area? 
  • Will chairs be needed or will guests stand during the ceremony?
  • Are there restrooms in the immediate area? 
  • Will climbing on paths or uneven surfaces be required to get to the natural ceremony location? 
  • What season of the year is best suited for each natural ceremony setting?
  • What decor items will possibly be needed, if any? 
  • Are any licenses or permits required to use the natural ceremony setting? 

Listing each ceremony site with clear images of the site, answers to these questions, and general information about the setting will allow your clients to engage with and appreciate the unique aspects of your nature lover’s wedding venue company. 

Key Step 6 Develop Your Marketing Strategies

In order to start and maintain your nature lover’s wedding venue company. You’ll want to prepare and implement strategic marketing campaigns. These will include various forms of media that will capture and hold the attention of your target audience. For example, you will want to use Facebook and Instagram to highlight wedding ceremonies that exemplify your brand. Ensure the images used are of the highest quality and showcase your company features. 

Utilize text callouts to announce special seasonal packages or themed wedding packages, and employ email campaigns to build ongoing conversations with past, present and future couples. Offer a Q & A section on your website and start a blog to share your experience with wedding couples. Show a few examples of your nature lover’s wedding sites; however, reserve the bulk of the images and information for private consultations; no need for your competitors to view your unique offers. 

Building on the popularity of natural ceremony sites for weddings is a smart idea in today’s wedding venue business. Your business plan will form the backbone of your decisions and hint at your future business decisions, as your company continues to succeed and grow. Wishing you the best of success! 

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