Why Students Should Consider Taking Programming

In this digital age, programming is one of the great tools that you can make use of. According to quickrewards surveys, a high population of the world knows how to use technology; this is the basic stuff like working smartphone, using computers, and even unlocking cars remotely. All these activities required someone to do some programming. You may do programming for fun or take it as a career path.

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What’s impressive about programming is that when you have enough skill, you would be able to create a program that does whatever you want it to. You may have programs helping to improve your day to day life. However, don’t get blindsided by thinking that becoming a programmer automatically translates to you, creating the next big thing like Facebook. Those paths require other factors in place. But there is no reason you can’t make your life easier by solving your problems with programming. So, here are some of the reasons why taking programming is worth it currently:

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Makes Your Life Easier

With programming, you get some hacks to help you in your day to day life. Even with just a few lines of code, you save time on many things and make your life so much easier. Whether it is a form that needs filling with similar details, you’ll complete it all with just one click. There are even programs that you may create for your phone to reply to your texts, schedule certain texts. A program reduces hours of work to be completed in just a few minutes, and this makes your life a lot easier.

Teaches Patience

Patience is an essential virtue in life. Programming teaches you how to be patient. Sometimes working through some problems becomes challenging. You might even find several of your attempts not working when it comes to that complex problem in programming. However, when you finally solve it, you’ll be glad you hung in there.

It Develops Better Structured Thinking and Problem Solving

As a programming expert, you approach problems differently. Usually, when a person encounters a problem, they want to fix the whole thing, make it all go away. But as a programmer, you learn to tackle problems by breaking them down into smaller but manageable parts. Just like in essay writing, you create a process and apply it. The problem becomes like putting together pieces of the puzzle, and everything falls in place.

With programming, you develop more creative problem solving and using logic when finding solutions. Your thought process changes for the better, not only in coding but also in finding solutions to real-life problems.

Strengthens Your Resolve and Makes You More Persistent

When you pursue programming, and you start viewing problems in a different light. Your brain begins searching for solutions instantly. If luck is with you, you’ll find it easier to solve them. With programming, you become driven to find answers to different problems. Sometimes, you’ll encounter challenging situations that require you to work through or find solutions around them. You become more persistent in finding what works because there are problems where you write a program, run it, do some debugging, and repeat the process until you get the results you want. This persistence will start applying to other situations in your life.

Popular Programming Languages –

Here we’ve compiled a list of most popular programming languages which can help your career boost in upcoming years:

  • .NET – A framework developed by Microsoft that runs on only MS Windows.
  • C/C++ – An object oriented programming language.
  • C – A imperative computer programming language.
  • Common Lisp – A fully parenthesized polish prefix notation language.
  • D – A multi-paradigm object oriented language.
  • Delphi – An integrated development environment language.
  • Elixir – A general purpose programming language that runs on Erlang VM.
  • Erlang – A runtime general purpose programming language.
  • Fortran – A specific suited to numeric computation and scientific computing language.
  • Go – Also referred as golang developed by Google.
  • Groovy – An object oriented language for Java platform.
  • Haskell – A standardized functional programming language.
  • HTML5 – A markup language of the Internet used for World Wide Web.
  • Java – A class based, object oriented language.
  • JavaScript – A dynamic client-side programming language.
  • Julia – A high level dynamic programming language.
  • Lua – A lightweight multi-paradigm programming language.
  • Perl – A family of high level dynamic programming language.
  • PHP – A server side scripting language.
  • Python – A widely used high level programming language.
  • R – A language for statistical computing and graphics.
  • Rails – An open source web application framework written in ruby.
  • Ruby – A dynamic, reflective and object oriented language.
  • Rust – A compiled programming language by Mozilla Research.
  • Swift – A language created by Apple Inc. for iOS and OS X development.

It Is a Good Career Choice

With the world embracing technology toward a more digital age, there are many opportunities out there for programming experts. As a species, we are becoming very reliant on technology, and therefore there is always room for more programmers. There are different jobs computer programming students can acquire. Additionally, you would be able to use programming to complement something else you want to do in your life.

Furthermore, as a career path, programmers choose whether to be freelancers or to work for some programming companies. In either choice, one gets the opportunity to build amazing programs that will make headhunters seek you out. In terms of flexibility, a programmer can work from almost any location, especially if you are a freelancer, and you can even choose your hours.

Most Popular Learning Platforms and Bootcamps

  • Codeacademy – Free platform for online learning web technologies, computer programming and data science.
  • Free Code Camp – The king of free coding camps. Learn to code and help nonprofits. Extensive curriculum.
  • Khan Academy – Learn anything for free, forever.
  • Node School – Open source workshops that teach web software skills. Do them on your own or at a workshop nearby.
  • Solo Learn – Learn to code for free using challenges. Offers lessons for multiple programming languages.
  • The Odin Project – A full stack (and open source) Ruby/JS bootcamp

The Bottom Line

As a programmer, you can make almost anything. Whether it is for your amusement or something that improves your productivity. The common misconception tells that programming is too difficult and will require one to be a math expert. You indeed need some math in programming, but what’s great is that a program will do most of the math for you. However, this path requires you to be confident in your abilities and to be persistent. All in all, it is a solid choice for any student.

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