Biggest Hacking & Security E-Books Collection – FREE Download

Ever thought of creating a library with thousands of free hacking an security e-books? You’d never have to spend a dime. It sounds impossible, but it’s not! Free E-books, on nearly all topics you can think of, are all over the internet, ready to be read, downloaded, and shared. All you need to do is […]


A to Z Programming Notes – By

Are you looking for the Best Free Programming eBooks on PHP, Python, Ruby, Java etc? Choose from over 40+ eBooks for Free! Read and Download eBooks for Free: anytime with! Most of the books are compiled from Stack Overflow Documentation. At the end of each book, you’ll see all the author names and contributors […]

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Github Announced FREE Learning Material for all Programming Languages

As you know GITHUB is one of the most popular brand in programming world. It is one of the largest code hosted platform having more than 31 million repositories and all are open source. Code Review is one of the essential Part of GITHUB Workflow like this way – Pull Request = Code + Issue […]