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How to close the site from indexing using robots.txt

In this article, we answered five frequently asked questions about closing the site from search engines. Search engine crawlers scan all data on the Internet. Nevertheless, website owners can limit or deny access to their resource. This requires closing the site from indexing via the robots.txt system file. If you don’t need to close the […]


How Google Values Fresh Content: An Actual Case Study

Many website administrators and bloggers use search engine optimized blog posts or use searchable tags in the new videos they upload with the hope that their websites remain relevant and get crawled in Google searches. For many content creators and online businesses, this seems to be the best strategy. But is this true? Are keyword […]


Top 25 Keyword Research Tools [Search Engine Optimization]

Using popular and effective keywords on your web site will always helps you to assure that it will be visible in the search engine results instead of being buried under thousands of other web-site results. Basically, keywords capture the essence of your web site. Keywords are what a potential visitor to your site puts into […]


Submit your website to Google Search Engine – Two Ways

There is no doubt that the advent of the Internet has sparked a revolution in how we share information as families, businesses, and world citizens. Perhaps the most important technological invention since the printing press, this one single communication medium holds tomes of information on practically any subject, although that itself is its largest weakness. […]