Submit your website to Google Search Engine – Two Ways

There is no doubt that the advent of the Internet has sparked a revolution in how we share information as families, businesses, and world citizens. Perhaps the most important technological invention since the printing press, this one single communication medium holds tomes of information on practically any subject, although that itself is its largest weakness.

There are now over 54 million sites on the Web, and search engines are critical to users for finding valuable information on these sites. Although we do literally hundreds of Google searches throughout the day, sometimes it’s nice to know there’s a few tricks that give good results just about every time.

In the context of website submission, now you can directly submit your URL to google by typing “Submit URL to Google” in your Google Search as shown below.

Alternatively, you can also submit your website URL by clicking the below link which takes 24-48 hours to be visible in search engine.

To know more about Google Crawling, you can have this link.

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