10 Tips and Best Practices To Improve PHP Security

As PHP has evolved since its inception in 1994, it soon became a model of database interaction, and creating a framework where users are able to develop dynamic web applications through a server. PHP is a server-side programming language that... Read more

[Code Execution] – preg_replace() PHP Function Exploitation

Today we’re gonna exploit one of the most popular PHP function i.e. preg_replace() which is used by many developers and can further lead to a Code Execution vulnerability. The preg_replace() function operates just like POSIX function ereg_replace(), except that regular... Read more

The Top Security Vulnerabilities

Unvalidated data Never trust anything you get from a Web browser. The browser is completely outside of your control, and it’s easy to fake values like the HTTP referrer. It’s also easy to fake a hidden field in a form.... Read more