Gandcrab Overview: Infamous Virus You Heard About

One has probably heard of ransomware, and GandCrab is one of them. It is not the most active malware at the moment, but still an infamous one. It made a significant impact on computer users worldwide, stealing and blocking their data. Notably, many of them could have avoided it by installing an effective antivirus or […]

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Young guy who found a flaw and then reported was actually taken in by police.

A 18 year old ethical hacker reported an exploit in the online ticket-selling system of Budapesti Közlekedési Központ (BKK), Budapest’s public transportation authority. He actually used a browser dev tool so called inspect element and changed the price from $35 to 20 US cents because there was no server side validation put in place and […]

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Malware evasion techniques – 2017 Update

Technology advances have significantly changed our lives during the past decade. We rely on computers of various sorts for even the simplest of daily tasks and become stressed when they are not available or do not perform as we expect. The data that we create, use, and exchange has become the gold of the 21st […]

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Ransomware Biggest Attack hits nearly 100 countries

2016 was a banner year for cyber attacks, featuring IoT botnets, crimeware as a service and crypto ransomware. But as we move into 2017, what insidious events can we expect to grad headlines around the world? Approx 100k+ systems were infected worldwide using NSA leaked exploit. At least 16 NHS(England) hospitals are having to reject […]

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Around 16 NHS Organizations hit with Wanna Decrypter Ransomware – 2017

NHS is a National Health Service which was launched in 1948. NHS in England deals with over 1 million patients in every 36 hours and covers all types of treatments. NHS plays a very important role in England having good workforce like US Department of Defence, McDonalds, Walmart etc. NHS mainly provides “Urgent & Emergency […]