Team building: relevance, results, and prospects

Every working person is familiar with the concept of team building. Still, if you start asking around, many will limit themselves to the definition – “the pastime of the work team in an informal setting. And they would be correct, but only in part. In this article, we’ll find out what team building is, who needs it, and why.

Team building is a tool to form a friendly team with high trust, empathy, and understanding. Simply put, team building is a set of activities to build and develop skills to solve common problems and manage conflict situations in a team.

Most people view “team building” as a way to strengthen the bonds between a group of employees. However, there are significant differences between a group of employees and a team.

Why is it needed?

Human beings are and remain the primary resource of any business. Using this resource as effectively as possible is the task of every manager. But man is a complex system. He not only builds two lines of relationship: working and personal. His work is also affected by many extraneous factors that are in no way related to his intellectual capabilities. If an employee has no oratorical talent, even if he has seven heights on the forehead, his speeches in public will be of little use.

As a team builder, the manager must consider each person’s capabilities and potential, find an individual approach and figure out who is who. For employees, it is a way to define their place in the team, show their personal qualities, and get to know their colleagues better. It is always easier to talk to Jenny, who bakes delicious cakes, than to Mrs. Jennifer, the head of the personnel department.

Who needs it?

It doesn’t matter what kind of business the company conducts; well-coordinated work is the main engine in achieving the ultimate goals of the enterprise. What type of company needs team building? Every company that has this engine malfunctions and every company that wants to prevent it.

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What types of team building are there?

Teambuilding is rarely classified, but still, we can divide all target events into several groups:

  1. Extreme. Usually related to extreme sports and often carry some risk to health or life. This group of activities gives almost instant results and the most profound sense of unity.
  2. Intellectual. Ethnic, quests, reality shows, role-playing events, and anything else imaginable. The main criterion is mental work and the presence of ingenuity. An excellent way for participants to show hidden talents and potential.
  3. Creative. This group is not as common as extreme team building but addresses issues such as building relationships in the team based on taste and deep emotional cohesion. Unlike in the extreme group, the effect is not achieved as quickly, but with regular activities – it is more durable and long-lasting.
  4. Programmatic. This group began to form about ten years ago when automated HRM systems appeared to help personnel services. Software in this category allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct team building. Unlike all other groups, such programs can significantly reduce the cost and time of these activities.


Team building is a universal tool that can be adapted to any budget. It helps to manage conflict in a company and prevent high staff turnover: people will not want to leave a well-coordinated team where all members treat each other respectfully and are always ready to help. Coaching and psychology tools help achieve a stable corporate spirit, prevent conflicts and accelerate the adaptation of new employees.

The main feature of team building is the entertaining nature, which allows relaxation and leaving the office on a psychological level. Employees forget about their social roles: during the competition, the clincher pulls the rope shoulder to shoulder with the lead manager, with one goal in mind: victory. All of this is necessary to increase trust and reveal qualities that cannot be traced back to routine business tasks.


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