The Best Operating Systems for Online Casinos

The rise of online casinos is one of the stories of this century. Gambling at land-based casinos was pretty popular throughout much of the last one, but it attracted specific and quite narrow groups of people.

By contrast, online casino appeals to a much wider cross section of the public. The ability of companies that run internet-based casinos to connect with people who would never visit a casino in the real world is at the heart of the industry’s extraordinary growth.

However, being able to play online casino does involve some technical requirements, starting with the right operating system for your computer, which we will look into here.

Reasons for the Rise of Online Casino

Perhaps the main reason for the stunning growth of online casino is that it is a highly convenient way to play games such as slot machines, poker or roulette. Once you have set up an account with a casino site all you have to do is log in and deposit money to start playing.

There is no need to leave the house and none of the land-based casino clothing rules to be followed before you can gain entry. That is a big draw to a lot of people who want to be able to play their favorite games without the hassle and inconvenience of dress codes and going out in bad weather.

Then there are the bonus offers that are provided by online casinos. Starting with a welcome bonus that often allows people to start playing before they deposit any of their own money, internet casinos work hard to attract and retain their customers through providing promotions and bonuses that let them play more and win bigger.

That is something that no land-based casino can really compete with.

Impressive Games Choice

Another big reason why online casinos have been such a resounding success is their impressive choice of games. From video slots to different table games, the variety is second to none.

One thing that land-based casinos used to have in their favor was the social part of gambling, but the introduction of live casino games has changed that too. These days, there are lots of casino sites that include live casino as part of their offer.

Live casino is a form of online gambling that sees the player linked up with a real life dealer or croupier – and sometimes real-life opponents as well – via a video stream. It has proven to be a crucial step forward for online casino in capturing that feeling of being in a real-world casino and mixing with other people, without losing any of the comfort and convenience of the digital experience.

All of these benefits of online casino are something that people can access on multiple devices, from mobile phones and tablets to PCs. It is computers that remain the primary way that people choose to visit them though, because of the bigger screen displays that PCs provide.

However if you want to play at an online casino using a PC you will need a good operating system. These are the best ones for that.

  • Windows

This is the operating system for all Microsoft PCs and it is by far the most common one used by online casino players. There is nothing in particular that you have to do with it to access a casino – the operating system is like the central nervous system of a computer; it makes everything run smoothly when the device is turned on.

The biggest argument for making Windows the one you use is that it is the first choice one for casino game developers due to its massive share of the market. That means there will be more casino games available to play if you have a PC with the Windows operating system.

The main downside is that Microsoft has to periodically upgrade it for security reasons and you could be left with an obsolete older version of the system.

  • macOS

All Apple Mackintosh computers run on this operating system and it is what you will have if you buy a MacBook or iMac PC. It is comfortably the second most popular system in the world right now, behind Windows.

From an online casino gaming point of view, a major advantage of the operating system is its security. Because Apple hardware is almost all in-house, there is much less risk of viruses and other security issues.

However, a disadvantage from the casino gamer perspective is that Apple hardware has less power, putting it a bit below Windows for gaming performance.

  • Linux

This actually refers to multiple operating systems derived from the Linux kernel. By far the best known of these is Android, which is owned by Google, and it offers very powerful performance – something that is clearly a point in its favor for gaming.

There are certainly lots of Android-friendly casinos, but they tend to be mobile app versions. It is not widely used for PC online casino play because it is hard to locate compatible software and the interface is considered to be confusing and hard to navigate around.

These are the three main operating systems that you can choose from for online casino, with Windows being probably the best pick overall. However, there are also lots of Apple and Android casino gamers, which is why the industry is growing.

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