The Tried and True Tactic of Hitting the Streets to Find Real Estate Deals

Real Estate Deals

Finding a good real estate deal is essential for any investor looking to make a profit, but it’s easier said than done. From online tactics to networking, investors have various options at their disposal to find deals, but one tried and true way of finding good deals is hitting the streets.

Hitting the streets to find real estate deals, such as north myrtle beach home for sale, means getting out of the office and seeking out properties by driving around neighborhoods, talking to property owners, and getting involved in local events. This is a low-cost way of finding new deals, and it has the potential for higher success rates compared to other methods.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of hitting the streets and some of the strategies that can be employed for effective real estate deal finding.

Strategies To Hitting The Streets For Real Estate Deals

Here are the strategies that certainly will help you to maximize your RoI in real estate investing.

Knocking on Doors

It can be overwhelming to approach strangers and start talking about their property, but it can be a great way of getting to know property owners and understanding their needs. This can potentially lead to a purchase or lease agreement.

When knocking on doors, it’s essential to have a business card, a printed message explaining the investor’s interest in the property, and a script that covers essential questions such as whether the owner has an interest in selling the property, their preferred selling price, and the condition of the property.

It’s important to be polite, professional, and direct when approaching these homeowners. Always respect their time, privacy, and property, and make sure not to cross any legal boundaries. Be prepared to offer solutions to any problems the owner has with their property or challenges they face if the property is the subject of an estate or property inheritance.

Attending Local Events

Attending local events is another option for hitting the streets to find real estate deals. Joining investment groups and associations by attending local events and activities not only provides access to potential deals but is also an opportunity to network with other investors. This can be a great way to receive mentorship from industry professionals and gain knowledge on current market trends that could lead to new opportunities.

Local events also offer opportunities such as meeting attorneys, tax professionals, and insurance providers, and other real estate-related service providers, who can offer valuable advice and insight on investment opportunities.

In addition, real estate investors can easily connect with active players in the target market and stay informed on ongoing development, market trends and more. Attending conferences, events, and networking gatherings shows people that a homeowner understands the market and is very serious about being successful in the industry.

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Driving for Dollars

Driving for dollars wholesale is one of the most popular strategies for hitting the streets to find real estate deals. It’s a simple process, which requires driving around neighborhoods in a vehicle searching for vacant, run-down or upkeep houses, then recording their addresses. The concept behind driving for dollars is to locate properties in distressed conditions, which can be purchased or flipped for a profit.

One of the most significant advantages of driving for dollars is that the strategy allows investors to target specific neighborhoods and build an extensive list to focus on future deals. It also provides investors with time to survey the surrounding areas and gain insight into the conditions of the street.

It’s advisable to keep a home inspection checklist while driving for dollars wholesale to make note of the condition and nature of each property. Include the following in this checklist: property type, the potential cost to fix or update, owner information, the reason the investor believes the property to be distressed or how long the property has been vacant, etc.

With that information, one can prioritize the properties that are worth pursuing and adapt his/her marketing strategy to meet each opportunity.

Benefits Of Hitting The Streets To Find Real Estate Deals

Hitting the streets to find real estate deals provides the following benefits:

Higher Potential for Finding Deals

The greatest advantage of hitting the streets is the potential to find deals that are not listed on the MLS or any online marketplace platforms. By driving around neighborhoods, investors can find properties that might not even be listed yet. This gives them a head start on other buyers, so they can potentially negotiate lower prices with the property owners before other investors get to the deal.

Direct Access to Property Owners

Another advantage of hitting the streets is having direct access to property owners. By talking directly to owners of properties, investors can get a better understanding of the properties, what the owner is looking for, and the history of previous sales or rental. This information could help the investors tailor their offer specifically to the owner’s needs, which can increase the chances of sealing the deal.

Improvement of Skills

Driving around neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and attending local events to find deals can double as an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. These methods can help investors build confidence, networking skills, and negotiation abilities. When a person hits the streets, they are opening themselves up to potential deals and new connections, which encourages a more social and extroverted lifestyle. The greater volume of interactions with property owners, neighbors, and community members, the greater the chance of finding deals.

Low to No Cost

Low to no cost is a free way of finding new deals, which is helpful to real estate investors since they can save a lot of money in marketing and advertising expenses that are typical of other lead generation methods. One only needs time, transportation, and effort to find deals. This makes it a great option for beginner or smaller investors who might not have the capital to pour into marketing professionals.


Finding a good real estate deal is not an easy task, but hitting the streets to find opportunities can offer several benefits. It has a higher potential for finding off-market deals, provides a chance to improve skills such as negotiation, and is low cost or free. Driving for dollars wholesale, knocking on doors, and attending local events are three of the best ways for real estate investors to hit the streets and find great deals.

It’s important to note that hitting the streets is a time-consuming activity, requires patience, and comes with no guarantees. Investors might not land a deal on the first or even the twentieth property they see, but with consistency and persistence, they will inevitably come across something worthwhile. The key lies in taking the time to survey locations, taking note of property conditions, and seizing every opportunity that comes along.

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